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Get a Taste of Volunteering With NLDoet!


One point of feedback that we at Volunteer The Hague often hear from internationals is that they’re happy that our service exists because it’s often hard to find casual or short-term volunteer opportunities. We also hear that many internationals don’t know which organizations to reach out to, or what volunteer work is like here in The Netherlands. This is why we’re excited to promote NLDoet, the largest volunteer campaign in The Netherlands! Together with hundreds of organizations in the country, NLDoet will be putting on this event for all potential volunteers and organizations in the country, and there will be plenty of opportunities right here in The Hague!

This year, due to the corona situation NLDoet is postponed to Friday 28 and Saturday 29 May (in place of 12 and 13 March). NLDoet is a great opportunity to dip your toe in the water, as it were: Using the NLDoet website, you sign up for small, short-term opportunities that will allow you to get a taste of local volunteer activities without a huge commitment. This is great for those of you who want to volunteer but have limited time, and for those of you who want to have some “trial” opportunities in order to gauge what activities you might be most suited for.

And for organizations, registering with and participating in NLDoet can help you connect with potential volunteers, get a few extra helping hands for a job that needs doing, and increase brand awareness for your organization and its mission. In addition to practical jobs, organizations can also utilize NLDoet in order to organize a festive day for those that you serve – something that is much easier to achieve with the extra hands provided by NLDoet! You can find information about this on NLDoet’s website, and PEP is also available to help advise you about this free of charge.

NLDoet is organized by Oranje Fonds, the largest national social fund in The Netherlands. Unfortunately last year it got canceled due to the corona situation, but during the year before's two-day event, over 9,000 jobs were done during this event by over 350,000 people! Oranje Fonds expects this number to be even higher this year. No matter your age, talent, background, or nationality, everyone can come together to help make a difference in the lives of others and in our communities.

For registration, more information, and the latest news on the event, please visit DenHaagDoet’s website. And if you’re an organization with questions about NLDoet in The Hague, please email Wai-Kin Chung of PEP Den Haag at [email protected]

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