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We are energy coaches from Laak Central who help neighbors save energy. We support tenants and homeowners with short- and long-term improvements and measures.

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Smart Energy Savers Team (SEST)

Organisation role · 8–16 hrs/month · Starting from 21 Feb 2023
Jonckbloetplein 24, 2523AR Den Haag, Nederland
Nature & sustainabilityCommunity & familyWellbeing
No PovertyAffordable and clean energySustainable cities and communities
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Energierijk Laak
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Contact person

Marcus BanaiAsk Marcus a question or contact the organiser directly at [email protected] or 0657798566.


Together with a team, the aim is to ensure that concrete measures are made available to the target group of vulnerable people.

Detailed description

Smart Energy Savers Team (SEST)

There are currently different types of measures to aid the most vulnerable groups, but it is still quite a challenge to get some measures to the target group. One of the barriers is language, but also the multitude of options.

We organize events in several languages throughout The Hague, to ensure that knowledge about sustainability spreads. We hold events with people from different backgrounds to raise awareness of different means of sustainability. For example, there is the radiator fan that can stimulate circulation through the home. There are also other small measures, such as energy meters and radiator foil, that we want to distribute to the target group.

With the Smart Energy Savers Team, we want to commit ourselves to making a start in the process of sustainability in community centers by applying small measures in the most visisted communal areas and offices so that heat is distributed better/faster. In an environment where low literacy is sometimes a challenge for campaigns, we hope to show concretely what is available in terms of small measures.

Support projects:

  • 'Keep your home and the father center warm'. Support of the existing project, to install radiator fans at residents home.
  • We want to stimulate an inclusive energy transition, which is why we remain active in several community centers and give presentations.

As a volunteer for the Smart Energy Savings Team you do the following:

  • Conducting short conversations to identify necessary measures and to transfer knowledge;
  • Plan and organize visits to residents;
  • Assist in installation of various types of material;
  • Making an inventory of energy saving options in the home at times;
  • Giving and supporting presentations on energy saving measures.

As a volunteer you are:

  • Intrigued by supporting those experiencing (more) challenges from the energy crises;
  • Interested in deciding what the right measures are, but also able to prioritize measures;
  • Flexible as a volunteer, willing to adapt to the environment;
  • Able to show empathy with individuals.

Getting there

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About Energierijk Laak

We are energy coaches from Laak Central who help neighbors save energy. We support tenants and homeowners with short- and long-term improvements and measures.
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