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Don Bosco Rijswijk is a Multicultural Youth Center with youth activities, after-school care, and room rental, focused on Rijswijk and The Hague. With holiday days during the school holidays, and the ...

Children & youth
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Holiday animator wanted!

Project role · 0–32 hrs/Week · Starting from 1 Aug
Julialaantje 26, 2283 TB Rijswijk, Nederland
SupervisingSportsEscortingDutchEnglishSocial contact
Children & youthSport & recreation
Signups closing in 7 days.
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Stichting Don Bosco Rijswijk
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Contact person

Don BoscoAsk Don a question or contact the organiser directly at [email protected] or 0634279262.


Do you love working with children and do you have an empty agenda during the summer holidays? That's good because we at Don Bosco Rijswijk have something fun!

Detailed description

Do you love working with

children and have you in the

summer vacation one more empty


That's good because we

by Don Bosco Rijswijk have

what fun!

Every year we organize it

holiday forest; three weeks full of cool

activities for children between

4 and 16 years. A scavenger hunt, a

water fight, crafting, things

to build; just a selection of all

activities we organise.

Our team is not yet complete and

so we are looking for new leadership.

It is important that you also speak English. Does your English have to be a 10? Please! But a 6 is also good. There is a fee for participation as a leader.

In short:

Do you like working with children, are you a little crazy

and available from 1 to 19 August?

Send your CV and motivation letter in a message.

What's in it for me?

A fee that will make your mouth water, lots of happy faces, the most fantastic team building activities and memories for life.

What else do I need to know??

Revival Night April 22

Information evening about the Vakantiebos, accessible and pleasant.

Training day June 6

Day full of teambuilding activities and workshops about work. It is desirable and very useful that you are there on this day.

Preparation week 25-29 July

The week in which you get to know volunteers with playful activities, good food and good thirst quenchers.

PS: Outings for the team are also planned.

What volunteers need😇 Disclosure and Barring Service

What we will provide to volunteers

💸 Reimbursement of costs

Getting there

Signups closing in 7 days.
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About Stichting Don Bosco Rijswijk

Don Bosco Rijswijk is a Multicultural Youth Center with youth activities, after-school care, and room rental, focused on Rijswijk and The Hague. With holiday days during the school holidays, and the Vakantiebos during the big school holidays. The center has many indoor and outdoor facilities, making it very suitable for youth, groups and family gatherings.


Don Bosco's way of working with young people is known as the 'preventive pedagogical system'. It can be summarized with a few key concepts. Presence is its core. Not to 'check' young people, but to 'be there' and thus build a relationship with them.

Love is the binding element in the system. Young people need to feel that attention is being paid to them 'from the inside'. Dialogue means that the working method is not a one-way street. By entering into a dialogue, young people feel taken seriously and are more motivated to bear responsibility – a fourth key concept – for themselves and for others. Stimulating means that young people come to discover and further develop their own possibilities.

Don Bosco took trust for granted. Instead of treating young people as immature and indepen- dent, he gave them his confidence to develop. After all, growing people need space, literally and figuratively: to play, to experiment, but also to make mistakes and correct them again.
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