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Volunteer The Hague is a project initiated by the Municipality of The Hague and organized by the local non-profit organization PEP Den Haag. The Volunteer The Hague site hosts hundreds of volunteer ...

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Donations for Ukranian shelter in The Hague

Task · 2–4 hrs
Riviervismarkt 2, 2513 AM The Hague, Netherlands
Community & familyNature & sustainabilityArt & culture
Reduced inequalitiesSustainable cities and communitiesPartnerships for the goals
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Volunteer The Hague
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Contact person

Tetyana BenzeroualAsk Tetyana a question or contact the organiser directly at [email protected] or 06 - 5341 49 40.


25 refugees from Ukraine applied for immediate assistance and are in need of some things

Detailed description

25 refugees from Ukraine applied for immediate assistance at the shelter in The Hague and more are coming.

Volunteer The Hague acts as a collection-point for goods to be distributed.

The refugees are in need for the following:

  • Adaptors
  • Mirrors - the bigger the better
  • Backpacks for children to take to school
  • Little notebooks - smaller than A4
  • Table lamps
  • Large blankets for bedrooms
  • Large bath towels for the shower
  • Medications for sore throat - the more the better
  • Cough medications - never enough
  • Bedside tables
  • Coffee tables
  • Clothes drying racks
  • Soil for gardening
  • Seads, bulbs etc. to garden
  • Items like below