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Volunteer The Hague is a project initiated by the Municipality of The Hague and organized by the local non-profit organization PEP Den Haag. The Volunteer The Hague site hosts hundreds of volunteer ...

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List of ORGANIZATIONS Mix & Match Volunteer Job Fair

Community event · 11 May 2021, 12:00 - 14:30
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Community & familyNature & sustainability
Applications closed.
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Volunteer The Hague
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Tetyana BenzeroualAsk Tetyana a question or contact the organiser directly at [email protected] or 06 - 5341 49 40.


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Detailed description

And to start off our event, we'll have Volunteer The Hague's very own project manager, Tetyana Benzoural, there to talk to you about how volunteering can help you in your professional endeavors! We know that skills building for the job market is an important topic for those of us in the expat community, and Tetyana will be there to offer insight on how you can gain important job skills through the rewarding work local organizations have to offer! At this event, you'll have the opportunity to:

  • Meet with representatives from local organizations serving a wide variety of communities and interests
  • Hear about how volunteering can help you build new professional skills and reinforce ones you already have
  • Meet other local expats in order to expand your social and professional circles

Anyone can participate in this networking event, so register now for the chance to hear about these organizations in need of volunteers and network with like-minded internationals!

Space is limited, so register now. We look forward to seeing you!

Prior Organization Info for Future Reference (Don't Publish)

Stichting Vooruitgang Door Zelfwekzaamheld – Committed to creating opportunities for people (mainly newcomers) who are lagging behind the labor market by means of, among other things, Dutch language courses.

Resto vanHarte – An organization that aims to draw attention to and actively combat loneliness and social isolation of people from all walks of life, by creating meeting places for connecting, cooking and eating together.

Hoeve Biesland – A nonprofit garden project on an organic dairy farm.

Stichting Takecarebnb – Matches refugees with a valid residence permit with host families all around the Netherlands, so that they can wait for their permits at homes instead of refugee centers.

Volleyball Vereninging Kalinko – A volleyball club for young and old, recreational and high competitive play.

Stichting Haags Dierencentrum – For over 140 years, this organization has served as a “home” and shelter for a yearly 1,700 stray dogs and cats in the Hague.

COC – Haaglanden – A advocacy group for the LGBT community in the Hague since 1947, committed to equal rights, emancipation and social acceptance.

Meet the British Foundation – Organizes excursion travel to Great Britain and Malta, where participants stay with British and/or Maltese host families.

De Vrije Ruimte – A democratic school for ages 4-18 where students choose their activities and decide together which agreements the school needs.

Stichting Vrije Tijd Thuishulp en Vorming – An organization which supports mentally challenged people in the field of their free time and training.

Stichting de Paleiswinkel in het Escher Museum – Run entirely by volunteers, all proceeds of the Museum shop benefit the art and culture sector in The Hague.

Eigen Toekomst Plan - An organization that helps families to form a family group plan to manage their problems.

Museum Beelden aan Zee - One of the most unique museums in the Netherlands, this museum is focused on national and international sculptures.

Stichting Wool for Warmth - A foundation that helps people, especially seniors, alleviate loneliness by providing knitting clubs. All clothing produced goes to area homeless.

DutchBuzZ - A radio program with DenHaagFM in English and geared towards expats in the Netherlands.

Literaturhaus Deutsche Bibliothek - A library dedicated to German-language literature, which also organizes lectures, movie nights and many more activities.

Biblionef - A not-profit that gives new and culturally diverse children's books to teachers and children, schools and community, and libraries worldwide so that every child can discover the joy of reading.

Mr Visserhuis - An organization devoted to improving the wellbeing of local elderly.

Unity in Diversity - A humanitarian foundation focused on developmental and integration projects with locals, refugees, and asylum seekers.

Stichting Ocan - A volunteer organization that focuses on the improvement of the social position of people of African descent.

Stichting Bij-1 – A district-wide initiative whose goal is to bring children and their parents together through various activities.

St. Union Cultural – An organization that helps create eco gardens for children of migrant families, facilitating integration through gardening and language.

Reach & Teach - A foundation that aims to assist the integration of newcomers (status holders, asylum seekers, and migrants) in The Hague region by offering Dutch and English classes, buddy systems, and social events.

Lonneke van Leth Dans - A foundation that creates dance theatre performances for area youth.

Cardia LS - A residential care center focused on the local elderly community.

Stichting Vrije Tijd Thuishulp en Vorming – An organization that supports mentally challenged people through trainings and other activities.

Don Bosco Rijswijk - A multicultural youth center that organizes activities for children and young adults.

Mara OPstap - An activation project for homeless youth in the Netherlands.

International Dialogue on Underwater Munitions (IDUM) - A foundation that cleans up the hundreds of millions of tonnes of unexploded munitions that are leaking underwater.

Stichting Wijkberaad Bezuidenhout - A non-profit dedicated to representing the interests of residents and organizing events in the Bezuidenhout district.

Mercy Ships - An organization that deploys hospital ships to transform lives and serve nations in Africa. 

Wegelaergroep - A scout organization focusing on individuals with special needs, serving those from ages 9 to 30 years old. 

Stichting Action for Development - A foundation that supports the less fortunate through education, skills acquisition, and community projects in order to improve their quality of life in a sustainable manner.

Registered Organizations for 3 December Volunteer Job Fair

If you are a representative of a non-profit organization that is looking to share more about the work that you do (as well as register prospective volunteers on the spot at the event!), please join us by registering here. 


About the Presenter

Tetyana Benzeroual, BSc (Hons) Psychology, is an expat who has been in The Hague with her family for the last five years. She started her career path in The Netherlands as a volunteer and was later hired as a project manager here at Volunteer The Hague, where she works with the Municipality to fulfill our mission of connecting local internationals with meaningful volunteer opportunities at local nonprofit organizations. Tetyana is a true citizen of the world who has lived, studied, and worked across North America and Europe. She is keen to share with you her experience and expertise, as well as to give you some insider tips on how volunteering can benefit your career!

Applications closed.
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About Volunteer The Hague

Volunteer The Hague is a project initiated by the Municipality of The Hague and organized by the local non-profit organization PEP Den Haag. The Volunteer The Hague site hosts hundreds of volunteer activities for every age, skill-set, and availability. Importantly, the volunteer listings on Volunteer The Hague’s website do not require Dutch language skills. You can browse these vacancies or use their Talent Scan tool through which you can find individualized listings after answering a series of questions about your skills and interests. All listings will provide you with information about the tasks expected, preferred availability in days and number of hours, and perks offered. For more information about what Volunteer The Hague has to offer, please visit