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Volunteer The Hague is a project initiated by the Municipality of The Hague and organized by the local non-profit organization PEP Den Haag. The Volunteer The Hague site hosts hundreds of volunteer ...

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Mix & Match Volunteer Job Fair and Networking Online Zoom Event

Workshop · 15 Oct 2020, 12:00 - 13:00
From home
Covid reliefCommunity & familyNature & sustainability
This is a past workshop.
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Join us for a chance to expand your social and professional circles. You'll be able to mingle with other local internationals, as well as with non-profits.

Detailed description

From small things like finding places to eat and to socialize, to important things like finding housing or a job, we internationals face sharp learning curves as we set up and live our lives here in the Netherlands. We know that all of you are up to the challenge, but it's always nice to have a little help and advice - and to offer what you've learned in your personal journey to others! 

In that spirit, we would like to invite you to join us on Thursday 15 October for our latest “Mix & Match” Networking Event and Volunteer Job Fair! As always, this event will be attended by other local expats and internationals with whom to network, as well as some amazing nonprofit organizations that are eager to work with internationals! Local service organizations such as Reach & Teach, Unity in Diversity, Mercy Ships, DutchBuzz, Stichting Bij-1, and Literaturhaus Deutsche Bibliothek will be in attendance, as well as other nonprofits that specialize in a wide variety of service areas, including animal care, human rights, social justice, refugee and migrant assistance, homelessness, elderly care, child care, the environment, and so much more. So there is something for everyone, no matter your background or specialization!

And to start off our event, we'll have Volunteer The Hague's very own project manager, Tetyana Benzeroual, speaking about how volunteering can positively impact your job prospects and professional life. She will fill you in on how to leverage these opportunities to gain new skills, expand your current skillset, and integrate your volunteer experience into your job search!  

We hope you'll join us on 15 October for this fantastic learning and networking opportunity. Looking forward to seeing you there!

About Volunteer The Hague

Volunteer The Hague is a project initiated by the Municipality of The Hague and organized by the local non-profit organization PEP Den Haag. The Volunteer The Hague site hosts hundreds of volunteer activities for every age, skill-set, and availability. Importantly, the volunteer listings on Volunteer The Hague’s website do not require Dutch language skills. You can browse these vacancies or use their Talent Scan tool through which you can find individualized listings after answering a series of questions about your skills and interests. All listings will provide you with information about the tasks expected, preferred availability in days and number of hours, and perks offered. For more information about what Volunteer The Hague has to offer, please visit
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This is a past workshop.
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