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he World Wildlife Fund protects nature worldwide through all kinds of projects, campaigns and activities.

Animal welfareNature & sustainabilityHealth & wellbeing
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Human Resources Coordinator

2–4 hrs/wk
Cornelis De Wittlaan 113, 2582 AG The Hague, Netherlands
AdministrationTrusteeship & ManagementOrganisation & planningEnglish
Animal welfareNature & sustainabilityHealth & wellbeing
This Volunteer vacancy is expired
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Meet the Expat Team’s needs by recruiting & retaining volunteers & making them effective as individuals & as part of the team.

Detailed description

Function description

Job Title: Human Resources Coordinator / Officer

Reports to: Expat Team Coordinator

Mission: meet the Expat Team’s needs by recruiting & retaining volunteers & making them effective as individuals & as part of the team.

Responsible for:

1. Creating a HR strategy to achieve its mission.

2. Establishing HR policies & practices.

3. Advising on the organisational structure.

4. Facilitating team building.

5. Monitoring volunteer performance & participation & recommending actions to address any issues.

6. Facilitating cooperation between the different functions.

7. Working closely with the other functions to identify resource gaps & agree how to address them by recruitment, training & changes to working practices etc.

8. Ensuring volunteer motivation, satisfaction & retention.

9. An effective HR Team.

10. Within HR responsibilities, protecting & promoting the WWF.

Job Brief

1. Closing skills gaps through training & recruitment etc.

2. Forming & maintaining strong relations with volunteers & facilitating cross functional team building.

3. Encouraging the use of volunteer networks & monitoring their utilisation.

4. Establishing volunteer key performance indicators, monitor performance against them & implement the improvements identified.


1. Leadership skills.

2. Coaching skills & ability to inspire others.

3. Teambuilding & Interpersonal skills.

4. Long-term vision & ability to translate strategic goals into actions.

5. Ability to delegate to achieve HR’s required level of networking, communication, negotiation, planning & organisation

6. Results oriented.

7. Passion & determination to make a difference.

8. Proactivity & creativity.

9. Problem solving abilities.

10. Commitment to the WWF mission.

11. Commitment to the WWF & the passion & determination to make a difference.

Getting there

About WWF / WNF Wereld Natuur Fonds

he World Wildlife Fund protects nature worldwide through all kinds of projects, campaigns and activities.
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This Volunteer vacancy is expired
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