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he World Wildlife Fund protects nature worldwide through all kinds of projects, campaigns and activities.

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Social Media Content Creator

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Social media
Animal welfareNature & sustainabilityHealth & wellbeing
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Are you passionate about raising awareness of the impact that humans have on the environment? Join the Social Media Team and help us create meaningful contents!

Detailed description


The Social Media Team contributes to create awareness of the impact humans have on the environment, by creating content revolving around the latest news about the environment and offer tips on how to live more environmentally friendly.  

Main Responsibilities:

  • Create content which can be posted on our social platforms.  
  • Attend biweekly meetings.  
  • Occasionally lead meetings and take minutes of our meetings.  
  • Respect set deadlines. 


  • Previous related experience is an advantage as we expect the volunteer to perform autonomously.
  • Familiar with social media platforms, can conduct research and select reliable sources, bonus: can write an article on a topic of interest.
  • Friendly, strong-willed, extroverted/not afraid to speak their mind and take initiative, handles feedback well.
  • Works well in teams and independently, not afraid to ask for clarifications and/or indications. 

Contact us if your are interested!

About WWF / WNF Wereld Natuur Fonds

he World Wildlife Fund protects nature worldwide through all kinds of projects, campaigns and activities.
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