Vacancy Communications and media manager

Target group

Adults, Women, Refugees, Migrants

Vacancy number



Van Brakelstraat 17A, 2518 VV Den Haag


City center

Places available


Minimum age

21 year

Organization features

  • Volunteer policy
  • Expense allowance
  • Travel allowance
  • Volunteer insurance
  • Suitable for speakers of other languages
  • Offers guidance to volunteers
  • Enables volunteers to participate in training programs

Stichting Vital Aid foundation is looking for

Interesting and flexible work arrangements on Communications and media

Volunteer workPermanent

Function description

We are looking for a communications and media manager with media experience to help promote the organisations role in a major upcoming merger.This is a great opportunity to expand your knowledge and increase you skills.
We are looking for:
- A wide degree of creativity and latitude
- Strong knowledge and understanding of current trends in digital media/social media
- An enthusiastic, confident and flexible communications professional
- Excellent verbal communication skills
- Excellent copy-writing skills, with the ability to edit, proofread and write for specific audiences
Interns/trainees are welcome!


Number of hours per week

4 hours


Consultancy and support, Communication, Crafts and hobbies

Minimal level of education

Academic, College, High school

Required skills

Practical, Analyse, Communicating and coaching, Creative, Collaborating

What do you get in return

We offer volunteer expenses of max. €10.00 per day, a friendly work environment, opportunity to join in training/workshops and end of the year dinner party for volunteers. flexible work arrangements and you can work remotely at home.

Organization details

Name organization

Stichting Vital Aid foundation

Street and housenumber

Van Brakelstraat 17a

Zipcode and city

2518VV Den Haag


Social organization


Vital Aid Foundation (hereafter to be called VAF) has been founded in The Hague on November 23th, 2004 as a non-governmental, non-profit foundation with two objectives:

1. To contribute to the integration of the African Diaspora in Dutch society/culture. The goal is to encourage/strenghten certain cultural habits and behavior to enable the African Diaspora to expand its own potential, so that they may contribute in a positive way to Dutch society and its economy and to the well-being of all concerned.

2. The VAF also aims to contribute to lessening poverty in the various African countries of origin. Attention is given primarily to activities like the promotion of equal access to education, enforcement of human rights, economic and social participation of disadvantaged groups, etc.

VAF particularly focusses on women and girls. With that in mind VAF has recently coordinated and organized activities for and with African women in The Netherlands and in a couple of African countries as well, to strengthen the economic and social position of poor women and to boost awareness on subjects like HIV/AIDS and their individual (reproductive and sexual) rights.

VAF has acquired experience on these themes with previous projects. Projects like: helping victims of domestic violence, human trafficking, voluntary return of refugees to their country of origin, migration and integration projects.

As we went along we developed more understanding of the nature and scope of the problems of African migrants in The Netherlands and the need for well targeted interventions.

Core activity

• Education and empowerment
• Migration and Development
• Integration
• Gender mainstreaming

Contact details


Marilyn Marthins


0703922328 / 0684907334

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