About Volunteer The Hague

A non-profit initiative founded by the Municipality of The Hague and PEP, Volunteer the Hague connects internationals with meaningful volunteer opportunities at local non-profit organizations. By empowering internationals to contribute their skills, we strengthen capacity at local non-profit organizations to create a lasting change in the community. Our platform combined with our team of volunteers offer a variety of support services that internationals and organizations can utilize.

Our Mission

Volunteering and community engagement empowers people to change the world from the grassroots up, especially when enabled by partnerships at every level. Volunteer The Hague is the project specifically made to facilitate these engagements by connecting internationals in The Hague with local non-profit organizations and support both in creating positive change through volunteering.

Our Vision

The Hague is a place where all nationalities come together, forming a multicultural society. Every local non-profit organization in The Hague has the opportunity to benefit from this multinational environment where international volunteers help these organizations to achieve their fullest potential and meaningfully contribute to positively transforming our society.

Our Team

VTH team consists of only four volunteers and one part-time (20 hours/week) project manager, but despite the small size of the team, VTH has brought together different local non-profit organizations with a large number of non-Dutch speaking individuals from different backgrounds and nationalities residing in The Hague area to fulfill organizational volunteer needs and allow a better involvement with the local community and easier integration. Coming from 5 different countries, we are here to make your volunteering experience as smooth as possible.

Tetyana Benzeroual[email protected]070 – 302 44 80
Project Manager and Advisor
Gabriel Rodriguez[email protected]070 – 302 44 44
Communications and Digital Content Coordinator
Julia Pietrasik[email protected]070 – 302 44 44
Analyst, Evaluator
Mark Honsbeek[email protected]070 – 302 44 44
Videographer, Photographer, Designer