General Terms of Use

General terms and conditions of use for the websites “The Hague Doet,” “Volunteer The Hague,” and the “Den Haag Doet Vrijwilligersacademie.”

Version: April 2021



These general terms and conditions of use (hereafter, “the terms and conditions”) apply to the use of the following three websites: Den Haag Doet (, Volunteer The Hague (, and the Den Haag Doet Vrijwilligersacademie ( For the readability of this document, hereafter we will refer to these three websites jointly as “PEP platforms.”. Stichting PEP Den Haag (hereafter referred to as “PEP,” “we,” or “us”) sponsors PEP’s platforms and uses the software of DeedMob B.V. ( The term “user” in these terms and conditions means all visitors to PEP platforms, including any individual and/or organization that creates an account.


Regardless of the technical means by which users access these websites, in order to post a vacancy, respond to a vacancy, post a course, or to register for a course via PEP’s Platforms, a user must go through a registration procedure to create an account. These general terms and conditions of use have been drawn up to prevent abuse and to ensure that PEP’s platforms are safe and public-friendly websites for all users. By creating an account, users explicitly agree to the general terms and conditions of use.


About These Conditions

PEP reserves the right to adjust these general terms and conditions of use. The users who have already agreed to the terms and conditions will be notified of this prior to any amendment. By using PEP’s Platforms, a user agrees to the applicable terms and conditions. If a user does not agree with these terms, the user is free to not create an account or to terminate a current account.


If one or more provisions of these terms and conditions are null and void or declared null and void, the other provisions of these general terms and conditions will remain fully applicable.

The applicability of purchase or other conditions of users are explicitly rejected.



PEP’s platforms bring together users looking for volunteer vacancies with organizations seeking volunteers. PEP’s platforms allow users to view and respond to volunteer vacancies, post vacancies, or offer a course aimed at volunteers.


Personal data

Our privacy policy describes which data is recorded in accordance with the applicable privacy rules and in particular the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and for what purpose.



PEP reserves the right to remove users, vacancies, or courses from PEP’s platforms if the relevant users or the vacancies, the reactions to them, or the courses posted by them violate these terms and conditions, or if there is any abuse of PEP’s platforms by these users or posted vacancies and/or courses. It is up to PEP to determine whether an organization or volunteer is admitted to the platform and is, therefore, able to post or respond to vacancies or courses.


Third-Party Websites

Via PEP’s platforms, information can be displayed from, or forwarded to, third-party websites. PEP does not accept any liability for the use, content, privacy policy, or applications of third-party websites. PEP is also not liable for damage, claims and/or other liabilities that may arise from or are related to users’ use of third-party websites.


User Data

We assume that users’ personal details are correct, complete, and filled in truthfully. Users are responsible for the correctness and completeness of their data. Users are responsible for keeping their data up to date. Users may change their data themselves on PEP’s platforms. Users may do this by logging on to PEP’s platforms and adjusting the data via their own account.


Users must set up their own username and password and are responsible for keeping the identification details of their accounts confidential. Users are not allowed to grant others access to PEP’s platforms using their account. PEP is not liable for misuse of usernames and passwords and may assume that the person who logs in with the username and password of a user is actually that user.


Responses to Vacancies and Courses

PEP is not responsible for users’ response or lack of response to a registration for or application to a vacancy and/or course. PEP’s platforms inform users of registrations and the possible absence of a response, but the follow-up thereof is not the responsibility of PEP.


Candidate Bank

PEP’s platforms offer users the opportunity to be included as a volunteer in a candidate bank. This means that users are visible to other users (registered organizations) and that they can be recruited through intermediaries. If an organization is looking for a volunteer, this organization may respond to data from a volunteer via the system and a response may also be sent back to the relevant organization.


Conditions for Using PEP’s Platforms

The use of PEP’s platforms is at the user’s own expense and risk. The websites are delivered "as is, where is,” i.e., with all visible and invisible errors and defects and without any form of guarantee.


PEP is entitled to permanently deny or disable access to an account for a certain period of time, if a user acts in violation of these conditions.


We strive to keep the information on PEP’s platforms up-to-date. However, it is possible that the information that is offered is not (entirely) complete, current, or correct. Users cannot therefore derive any rights from the information that is offered with regard to or through PEP’s platforms.


Users are obliged to observe confidentiality with regard to what they come to know by using PEP’s platforms. Personal information about other volunteers, organizations, and/or other data subjects obtained through or in connection with the use of PEP’s platforms, and of which users know or may reasonably know that this information is not public, must not be disclosed to or discussed with third parties by users. Confidentiality about this also remains in effect after the termination of use of PEP’s platforms by users. Should users fail to comply with this condition, they may be removed from PEP’s platforms and will be liable for any damage(s) caused by their failure to comply with this condition.



PEP is not liable for damages of any nature whatsoever resulting from the availability, the information provided, and/or the (correct or incorrect) use of PEP’s platforms regardless of the basis thereof, unless there is intent or gross fault of one or both parties.


By agreeing to these terms and conditions, users agree to fully indemnify PEP against any third-party claims related to the use of or information on PEP’s platforms.


Force Majeure

PEP is not obliged to fulfill any obligation, including legal or warranty obligations, if prevented from doing so by force majeure. In these terms and conditions, force majeure is understood to mean, in addition to what applies on the basis of the law, all external causes, foreseen or unforeseen, on which PEP cannot actually exercise (decisive) control, as a result of which PEP is unable to fulfill its obligations.


Force majeure includes: (i) failure to properly fulfill obligations of suppliers that are prescribed by the customer to the supplier; (ii) defectiveness of goods, equipment, software, or materials of third parties, the use of which is prescribed by the user to PEP; (iii) government measures; (iv) power failure; (v) failure of the internet, data network, or telecommunications facilities; (vi) (cyber) crime, (cyber) vandalism, war, or terrorism; and (vii) general transportation problems.


Commercial Use

It is not allowed to post commercial or semi-commercial vacancies, courses, and/or reactions or calls on PEP’s platforms. In those cases, PEP will remove the vacancies, courses, and/or reactions from the platforms.


Management and Maintenance

PEP reserves the right to change PEP’s platforms. For example, (parts of) PEP’s platforms may be temporarily taken out of service without prior notification for maintenance and/or rectification of malfunctions.


PEP’s platforms may be upgraded from time to time for support purposes and/or the addition of new functions and services.


PEP takes the utmost care to protect its platforms against data loss, irregularities, and unauthorized use by third parties. PEP strives to keep their platforms free of viruses and spam as much as possible. However, we do not give any guarantees and do not accept any liability in this regard. This also applies to phishing emails and other forms of (cyber) crime.


Property Rights

All trademarks, copyrights, database rights, and other intellectual/industrial property rights of any nature whatsoever of PEP’s platforms, together with the underlying software code and all associated software and/or materials, belong to PEP or its suppliers. Nothing in these terms and conditions is intended to effect any transfer of IP rights to users.


The (intellectual) property rights to data entered in by the user rests with the user or the person(s) entitled to that data. PEP retains from the user the right to use the user's data generated and/or entered in the context of the use of the website and for the performance of services.