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Corporate Social Responsibility

More and more businesses in The Hague are interested in corporate social responsibility - a voluntary contribution of companies to society. In addition to their regular activities, businesses would like to do their part in contributing to our community. That is why we advise companies on how they can do so for instance by providing funds, resources and most importantly their know-how.

Why does corporate social responsibility matter?

First of all, your contribution has significant social value! By sharing your know-how, resources or venue, foundations and social initiatives can be better equipped to reach their goals. Furthermore, corporate social responsibility contributes in a positive way to employees' satisfaction towards their employer. Others too, tend to look more favorable to your company because of its social involvement. In short, a socially committed business overall looks more attractive.

What is Volunteer The Hague?

How can your company contribute to the Hague society?


 A lot of foundations and social initiatives are in need of specialist advice; whether it be legal, assistance with communications, ICT, finance etc. Would you and your company like to help out with a few hours of advice? Then please contact us.


As a result of the Corona-crisis a lot of organizations are looking for venues where they can meet Corona-safe. The location where they usually meet is usually too small for that purpose. Do you have a venue big enough available? Then we'd love to hear from you.

Physical resources

A lot of initiatives lack sufficient physical resources, for instance, office chairs, fabric for face-masks or DIY materials.

Employees' volunteering

Volunteering is also a form of corporate social responsibility. For volunteering opportunities please visit Den Haag Doet (for Dutch-speaking volunteers) and Volunteer The Hague (for English-speaking volunteers). There are, for instance, many volunteering opportunities at the management level.

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