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Organizations and initiatives can make free use of our website: you can easily post your volunteer needs, community events and workshops via our free platform! Once registered, you will have your own organizational public page on our website. Visitors interested in your organization can request to join your page as members so they can be the first to know about the latest updates and activities in your foundation. You can communicate with them directly via our platform. This is a wonderful way to build your own community within the Volunteer The Hague community. We cannot wait to help you grow! Let's get started!!!

Mix & Match Volunteer Job Fair, 11 May, 13:00 - 17:00 in Amare

Meet international volunteers

Mix & Match Volunteer Job Fair, 11 May, 13:00 - 17:00 in Amare

Is your volunteer organization looking for volunteer help and is it open to highly educated and experienced volunteers who may not speak Dutch, but who do want to contribute to Dutch society? Or do you maybe have some challenging volunteer work in your organization and is the command of the Dutch language not a must? Then register for a FREE stand at the upcoming Mix & Match volunteer fair to meet new volunteers for your organization!

Volunteer pool for organizations

What is Volunteer The Hague?

A non-profit project founded by the Municipality of The Hague and managed by PEP Den Haag, Volunteer The Hague is a knowledge hub on all aspects of volunteering in The Hague area. We have played a pivotal role in connecting active internationals with local non-profit organizations, thus creating a positive change through the promotion of numerous volunteering opportunities for the past five years. 

Our platform is designed in a way that lets you access a large pool of international volunteers in The Hague and nearby areas with minimal hassle. Once you’re registered on the site, you can create an organizational profile, post volunteer vacancies, workshops and community events. Soon you will be able to browse through our volunteer database which we are currently developing for you. You can then connect with potential volunteers directly via our platform, streamlining your hunt for the perfect volunteer. 

We also hold networking events periodically where you can meet volunteers directly, promote your organization and register volunteers, on the spot, for potential volunteer opportunities at your organization. Additionally, we can help promote your vacancies on our social media channels that have an extensive, relevant subscriber base. 

Need further help? Contact Tetyana Benzeroual, project manager at Volunteer The Hague at [email protected] today to figure how to boost the visibility of your volunteer vacancy and how to find just the right volunteer who can help realize your objectives better.

*Please note that the above-mentioned services are free of cost.

What is Volunteer The Hague?
How internationals can help reach your objectives

How internationals can help reach your objectives

Often internationals are looking for meaningful opportunities either while they’re in-between jobs, or it’s their way of contributing to the society that they’ve chosen to live in. They want to connect and network with like-minded people. They also want to utilize and polish their professional skills. 

They are mostly highly-skilled and therefore can handle skilled tasks like marketing, PR and communications, accounting and finance, design, fundraising, human resources, leadership and culture and technology support. Volunteers can help with planning, organizing, and implementing programs, thus making a meaningful impact in the community. Also, owing to their exposure to different cultural and professional environments, they can provide a fresh perspective on doing a job more effectively. To add an interesting trivia, according to our data, most active, international volunteers in The Hague area are in the age group of 25-35 years.

  • 60.000 internationals in The Hague region (Haaglanden)
  • 13.300 privileged people in The Hague (incl families) (2019)
  • 10.000 international knowledge workers for companies, education in The Hague (2017), 17.500 in The Hague region
  • 7.000 international students in The Hague
  • 20 international schools in the region with almost 10.000 children with 125 nationalities (2019)
  • 111 embassies and consulates
  • 40 intergovernmental and European organisations like OPCW, EUROPOL, ICC, EPO, etc.
  • 180 nationalities in The Hague

Policy and FREE insurance

A sound volunteer policy

Volunteers add value to your organization. It's therefore important to have a well-defined and inclusive volunteer policy that keeps them engaged and interested in the work they will be doing. Nobody (volunteers included) wants to feel neglected or ill-informed. If you don't take the time to develop a good volunteer policy upfront, results will lag, volunteers will leave and recruiting new volunteers will result in lost productivity.

Voluntary agreement

If you would like assistance with developing a sound volunteer policy, please contact PEP. It is best to be proactive and have a strong policy in place before volunteers arrive at your organization. Your policy should have a voluntary agreement that includes the following responsibilities and conditions:

  • The work you intend the volunteer to perform
  • The time limit for the work
  • Their stipulated work hours
  • Any voluntary payment or travel expenses
  • Rights and obligations
  • Training and education
  • Insurance for volunteers

Download a Sample Volunteer Agreement

FREE insurance for volunteers - The Hague Policy

The Hague Policy is a free insurance policy for all volunteers in the municipality of The Hague. Every resident of The Hague doing organized voluntary work on a single or regular basis has a right to this policy. This insurance is comprehensive and covers work related injuries, personal valuables, right to legal assistance and liability insurance. If loss or damage occurs, the volunteer or the organisation must contact Bureau Gemeentelijke Risicomanagement van de Gemeente Den Haag, email [email protected] or call (070) 353 51 75.

Download informational flyer

Guidelines for posting volunteer vacancies

  • First, register your organization on our website
  • To save time, we will ask you for some general information about your organization. Once completed, it will automatically be used for future posts. 
  • Post your volunteer job in the database of Volunteer The Hague. It helps to specify what languages (for eg. French, Spanish, German, Russian, Chinese) you might require the volunteers to be conversant with.
  • If you’ve placed a vacancy on Den Haag Doet and you’d like international volunteers for the vacancy as well, then we can translate the vacancy for you and put it live on Volunteer The Hague or if you have a vacancy written in Dutch and would just want us to translate and place it on our website, that’s possible too. Additionally, while you’re placing a vacancy on Den Haag Doet, you can just click on the option that notifies us about vacancies to be translated and it will be done and put live on our website.
  • Be sure to come up with a short job title and make the description as accurate and interesting as possible
  • Turn your volunteer job into an interesting project with a start and end date as some volunteers may not want to commit themselves to an organization for a long time. 
  • If possible, talk about the culture in your organization. For eg., how you work as a team or if the volunteer is going to be working independently, this will help them in making an informed decision.
  • Last but not the least, don’t forget to promote your vacancies on social media. This will help broaden your reach. You can do this on your own social media channels and also through our channels for which you can drop us a line at [email protected].

Do you have more questions? Have you encountered difficulties with the website? We can help; please contact Tetyana Benzeroual or email her at [email protected].

How to keep your volunteers committed

Congratulations, you have found volunteers for your organization. It’s now important to keep them content, interested and committed. Feel free to have a look at the information on working with volunteers (in Dutch) or contact the Project Manager of Volunteer The Hague Tetyana Benzeroual. Below are some tried and tested tips to help you retain volunteers:

  • Motivate - Talk to your volunteers about how they’re helping you realize your organization’s objectives
  • Appreciate - Take time to recognize voluntary efforts either via email or just have a chat. Also, make sure to remember birthdays, Christmas gifts and so on. Happy people are more productive.
  • Encourage - Give attention to the motivation of the volunteer. Keep an eye on volunteers to ensure they are still enjoying their roles and tackle issues, if any, early.
  • Involve - Volunteers are an important part of your organization. Make sure you involve them by inviting them to team meetings and other key events.
  • Care - Be as forthcoming as possible about covering expenses, attending workshops or other forms of training that may help further polish their skills in turn helping your organization grow.
How to keep your volunteers committed

Help Desk

Volunteer The Hague project is being run by PEP Den Haag, an expert consultant on matters of civil participation and emancipation in The Hague. PEP's cross-sector approach, has made it a leader among civil organizations in The Hague. It is an independent, reliable, customer and service-oriented organization. For more information, or if you have questions please contact Team PEP Helpdesk at 070 302 44 44 or via email; [email protected].