The Social Exchange Fair in The Hague

Where supply and demand come together

The Social Exchange Fair The Hague is a networking event scheduled to take place in The Hague on October 24, 2023 where questions from foundations and associations intersect with the offerings of the local business community, presenting an opportunity for collaboration and synergy. In exchange for realistic consideration, entrepreneurs help the social organizations with people, expertise, materials or facilities. They close deals in a dynamic, accessible and fun way in the form of matches with a closed exchange. This is how we work together to transform this city into a more beautiful one.

The Social Exchange Fair The Hague is a collaboration of PEP Den Haag, De Haagse Uitdaging, Social Club Den Haag, Xtra Welzijn, Culture link and Sport Support of the Municipality of The Hague.

Back in The Hague after years

October 24, 2023 from 3:30 pm – 6:00 pm at the South West College

The social organizations and companies meet here in a nice informal atmosphere.

The social organizations, which often work with volunteers, are extremely important for a social, sustainable, safe, and sporty city. But they can often use some help in the form of people, resources, materials, and skills.

The companies often want to show that they are socially involved. This also makes them extra attractive to employees.

They come together on the Beursvloer and great matches are made in a short time. A civil society organization is offered something, but also provides something in return.

This is a collaboration between PEP The Hague, the Hague Challenge, Wijkz, Sportsupport The Hague, Cultuur Schakel and Social Club The Hague.

Co-financed by the Municipality of The Hague, Sportsupport and Fonds 1818.

What to expect

It is not a regular fair with expensive stands. There are different angles of expertise, usually: materials and facilities; advice (legal, financial, technical, ICT); Coaching, training and research; manpower, jobs and activities, marketing, communication and public relations. The classification depends on supply and demand.

So if your company has something to offer in the field of legal advice, for example, you will fall into this area of ​​expertise.

There are just standing tables to talk to each other. Civil society organizations approach the companies. But the other way around also happens!

The participating social organizations have submitted their request for help in advance. The companies will be informed about this prior to the exhibition floor. Civil society organizations have also thought about their contribution in return.

If a match has been made, the company and the civil society organization go together to the 'notary' to record their match. So, the gong is struck and the match added to the Matchwall. Both also receive a physical characteristic of the match, for example a Wuppie on the shoulder.

After the Social Exchange Floor, the company and the social organization make an appointment to actually realize the match.

In short, it is an incredible informal setting, where business is conducted swiftly. It is a win-win situation for all involved parties.

Tip: come with at least 2 people!

Why participate as a company?

As a company you are involved in your city, you want to add (even more) substance to your social involvement, CSR policy or employees voluntary work. During the Beursvloer you will encounter various social initiatives in The Hague in a brief timeframe. You make agreements on the spot with the organizations you care about about your contribution (expertise, materials, facilities or helping hands – no money) and their consideration; the match. Your social engagement is promoted and shared through social media platforms.
Participation is free!

Why participate as a non-profit organization?

As a social organization (care, sport, education, art, music, etc.) you are committed to the local society. To achieve your goals, you can make good use of support from the business community. During the Beursvloer you will meet companies that aspire to help realize your request for help (for example with expertise, materials, facilities or helping hands - no money) in exchange for a creative or playful return.
Participation is free!

Registered non-profit organizations

What is a Match?

There is a match when a company wants to contribute to the request for help from a social organization and concrete agreements have been made about the contribution of the company and the consideration of the social organization. Matches are officially confirmed by the notary.


An accounting firm prepares the annual accounts of a nature foundation and provides the treasurer with valuable advisory services for several hours. As a gesture of gratitude, the nature foundation offers a delightful nature walk experience in return (with guide) for all employees of the company and concludes the match with a joint picnic.

A marketing consultancy develops a communication plan for a nursing home. In return, the consultancy is allowed to hold their annual Sinterklaas party in the nursing home and the home supplies 'Sinterklaas'.

Depreciated furniture from a company is given a second life in the office space of a foundation. The foundation offers its space four times a year for meetings of the company.

Rotary members are refurbishing the animal enclosures at the nearby petting zoo. The petting zoo organizes a fun afternoon for the children of Rotary members.

Would you like to know more? Ask Marja or Floor!

Marja Salman

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Floor Bogman

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