Feedback and Experiences

We love hearing from you, and it especially makes our work here at Volunteer The Hague all the more rewarding to know how VTH has helped your integration into Dutch society, finding a job, friends and finally beginning lifelong goals. 

As a Volunteer, I have met and interacted with individuals that are currently helping me to build my career in this country. It has not been easy to integrate into the Dutch culture and career field, but through volunteering, this has become slightly easy for me. I hope continued volunteering will double bother as my way of giving back to society as well as making me feel at home here far away from my home in Kenya.

Sheila D.

Feedback & Experiences
Mix & Match networking event

Volunteer The Hague opened up the doors for my career in the city. Through one of the networking events, I got in contact with an NGO that I liked very much when I was a student, I volunteer with them for several months and thanks to that I expanded my networks, gained experience and as a result, I got a contract in one of the biggest organization in The Hague. I still wear proudly my ”Volunteer The Hague” bag because I know now the importance of loving the city and knowing the people living here.

- Ivanna C.

Being new to The Hague, Volunteer The Hague has ultimately eased my integration into the city by giving me opportunities to directly interact with the community. It's fun meeting people who share the same interests in whichever event you're volunteering in and even though I can never make it to all the events I'm interested in, I still like knowing what's going on in the city.

Kaya v.d. H.

Volunteer The Hague has shown new opportunities that I couldn't see by myself as an international. From new skills acquired in the workshops to new friends and volunteering options from the networking sessions. As an international is difficult to build a new network and find opportunities here in The Hague, but volunteer The Hague has been a good ally to accomplish this.

- Dina F.

I think it is a brilliant organization. Right now I am volunteering for True Colors Childcare. I get to know them in a Volunteer The Hague meeting. I applied, had some interviews, and started working! It is an amazing side job for me, fulfilling and rewarding. Volunteer the Hague gives you the advantage of trying out new things / meeting up with new people / blending into a society which is very important and needed especially if you are new to the city.

Dunya A.

Mix & Match networking events
Volunteer the hague

I attended one of your workshops hosted by Stephanie Osunwokeh van Buitenen of “Kies”. Stephanie is a life/career coach. She asked the audience why they had come and gave certain individuals (myself included) the microphone. I said I wanted to write a children’s book but can’t get started. Later, after her presentation (which everyone found inspiring ) I was approached by 5-6 women who like me, have the same wish.

From this meeting, we established “The Writers’ Club”. We meet at the library once a month to discuss our ideas and show our progress. I am interested in volunteering because I am looking for a career change. Volunteering is a great way to gain experience, insights and familiarity.

Alison C.

In my case, I went to the mix and match network event and thanks to that I started volunteering in takecarebnb and as a recent expat it has had so many benefits as making new volunteer friends, doing something that fulfills my daily life.

Karla D.

The Volunteer The Hague program has helped my integration into society. On the other hand, the brief meetup with other expatriates gave me hope and the confidence I needed to overcome challenges. Every impossible obstacle was just in my head, I strongly believe that; the time I spent with all participating individuals made me see the importance of living again. Earlier this year, I made the first step by studying the Dutch language and fully developing my talents and skills for a better income. My advice to fellow participants is simple; There are no such things as small or big lies, therefore; never tell a lie, especially to yourself.

Elgin J.

Mix & Match networking event

It was a great experience, I've met people who are now my close friends and with the rest, we still keep in touch. What was great is that there were no boundaries during the networking session, everyone was kind and friendly. I keep recommending everyone to join Volunteer The Hague!

Dasho O.

It brought me in contact with many interesting and meaningful organizations, and it showed me that with my "free" time I can contribute substantially to an important social or humanitarian cause.

Angeliki B.