What can the residents of The Hague do?

The Hague Generally

  • The National Instrument Fund (NMF) is currently collecting instruments for refugees who are temporarily in the Netherlands. These are often donations, sometimes also loans. The NMF is originally an organization for top instruments for top musicians, but for this action the bar is a bit lower. We do not work with toy instruments, but with good, usable instruments for professional musicians and music students, but also for ambitious amateurs or music school students. The reason for our action was the war in Ukraine, but the action is emphatically intended for all refugees. brought:
  • Ben Cartens, 06 13806540
  • A more recent news article:


Donate Clothes

  • Donate your clothes to Leger des heils. The Salvation Army is not specific to Ukraine, but if you donate clothes there, it will end up well anyway. If you want to donate clothes to another organization, check whether they really want clothes. At the Salvation Army they always want clothes.


Drivers and coordinators.

  • Help4Ukraine is looking for drivers and coordinators who ensure that the food is brought from the supermarket to a storage location.
  • You can get into the groupsapp trough step 7 and 8.
  • There are also other ways to help on this site. View vacancy

  • Stichting Eet Mee has been bringing people together at the diner table for cozy dinners since 2009. Since the start of the war, many Ukrainians have come to the Netherlands, where they live in people's homes or in one of the many refugee centers in the country. To give them a carefree evening and to escape from an environment with little privacy, we organize with Ukrainians at the Table. In The Hague we are now looking for cozy dining addresses to join us sometime. Residents of The Hague receive one or more Ukrainian refugees for a cozy dinner at their home. They cook something delicious for their guests or do it together with them. They meet the people behind the stories in the news. It is nice for them to be in a homely setting again and to get acquainted with locals and their culture and the opportunity to build a social network. You can register at: We make a tailor-made match and give tips to make a dinner a success.

The Hague - Center

  • UKGR Evangelisch Centrum is collecting goods for Ukrainian Refugees in The Hague. You can donate the following goods: Adults: Shampoo/showergel, deodorant, bodylotion, toothbrushes/toothpaste, products against lice, comb, underwear in size S/M/L, school supplies such as pencil/ notebooks , cup-a-soup, cornflakes/muesli, grain/rice/pasta/boetweit/flour/oil, , kledinghangers. Kinderen: kindershampoo, bodylotion, tandenborste/tandpasta, kinderdrinkflessen met rietje, babymelk/voeding, house slippers, pampers/wipes, baby powder/ baby ointment. All of donations are not expired and unworn. You can drop your donations off at Fruitweg 4, The Hague. Thank you for your donations!


The Hague - Escamp

  • Stichting Escamp voor Vrouwen (Escamp for Women Foundation) is collecting women's clothing, children's clothing and shoes for the new residents from Ukraine and other war zones. You can hand your donation over to this organization which is located at Sterrenoord 97, The Hague. The opening hours are from Monday till Friday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. For more information please feel free to call Mina El Kadiri, 06-27126739 or send her an email to [email protected]


  • Inna Boodinova, a local resident of The Hague, has also started a collection point in Leyenburg. You can drop off items at the following address: Veenendaalkade 201, 2547 AE, The Hague. If no one is home, you may leave your belongings on the porch without any problems. She brings the donated goods directly to the front in Ukraine. No clothing can be accepted, but there is an urgent need for: 1) Medical supplies such as first aid kits, paracetamol (for adults and children), iodine, Imodium, antibiotics, reusable and disposable masks, tablets for disinfecting water, bandages, and plasters; 2) Food, especially food that can be heated quickly, energy bars, dried fruit, canned food, macaroni, baby food, squeezed fruit, and other similar items; and 3) Miscellaneous items such as power banks, batteries (AAA), flashlights, matches, lighters, headlamps, thermal blankets, diapers, baby wipes, pillows, and towels.



  • Do you have leftover maternity supplies? Anushka Kanhai from The Hague, a volunteer at the Baby Hope Foundation, is collecting maternity items. The Baby Hope Foundation has indicated that the collected items can be donated to Ukraine, where they are very much needed. Please contact Anushka by email at [email protected] to arrange item drop offs. Anushka is collecting donations for both Ukrainian babies at the border as well as for Ukrainian babies who have just arrived in the Netherlands.