About Volunteer The Hague

A non-profit initiative founded by the Municipality of The Hague and PEP, Volunteer The Hague connects  internationals with meaningful volunteer opportunities at local non-profit organisations. By empowering internationals to contribute their skills, we strengthen capacity at local non-profit organisations to create lasting change in the community.  Our platform, combined with our team of volunteers offer a variety of support services that internationals and organisations can utilise.  Contact us today to figure out how you can start making a difference in the community.

What does Volunteer The Hague have to offer?

This website is especially made for matching international residents in The Hague with local non-profit organisations in. The city has many international residents who are willing and able to volunteer their time and talents to help our city. A great number of volunteer opportunities can be fulfilled by internationals. 

As an organisation, you can post your volunteer opportunity on this website. You only have to register once. Do you have more questions? Have you encountered difficulties with the website? PEP can help. Please contact Annemiek Haneveld at (070) 302 44 11 or mail to

Looking for candidates

Once you are registered, you will have your own organisational profile. You can adjust your personal information, post volunteer jobs and edit existing ones. You will also have access to the database of candidates. Within our database you can search for potential candidates.  It allows you to filter by city, district, experience level, and type of work. The best part is you can contact candidates directly through email.

Finding and keeping your volunteers

Making your volunteer job more interesting

Here are some practical tips about finding new volunteers. Keep an eye out for workshops on this topic in the news section. For more information contact Annemiek Haneveld (070)  302 44 11 or

  • Post your volunteer job in the database of Volunteer The Hague. (If Dutch-speaking volunteers are also welcome, mark this. The volunteer job will then also appear on Den Haag Doet.) First, register your organisation online. To save time, we will ask you for some general information about your organisation. Once completed, it will automatically be used for future posts. Be sure to come up with a catchy job title and make the description as compact and interesting as possible. Please respond to candidates within 48 hours if possible
  • Turn your volunteer job into an interesting project. Many volunteers do not want to commit themselves to an organisation for a very long time. If possible, try to convert your volunteer job into a project with a fixed end date. You will probably find candidates more easily.
  • If you let volunteers work together, you will create a more fun environment and also save time.
  • Promote the volunteer job through your own media channels.
Keeping your volunteers committed. 
Congratulations, you have found volunteers for your organisation. The trick is now to keep them interested and committed. If people leave prematurely, you have to begin all over again.
  • Learn to appreciate. Every once and a while be sure to take time to recognize voluntary efforts. Also, make sure to remember birthdays, Christmas gifts and so on.
  • Involve volunteers in your organisation. Volunteers are also part of your organisation. Make sure you involve them by inviting them to team meetings and other key moments.
  • Plan regular sit-downs. Give attention to the motivation of the volunteer. Keep an eye on volunteers to ensure they are still enjoying their roles and tackle issues early.
  • Be as forthcoming as possible about covering expenses or attending workshops or other forms of training. Care about the development of your volunteer.
  • Keep an eye out for workshops on this topic in the news section. For more information contact Annemiek Haneveld (070)  302 44 11 or

Policy and Insurance

A sound volunteer policy 
Volunteers add value to your organisation. It's therefore important to have a well-defined and inclusive volunteer policy that keeps them engaged and interested in the work they will be doing. Nobody (volunteers included) wants to feel neglected or ill-informed..  If you don't take the time to develop a good volunteer policy upfront, results will lag, volunteers will leave and recruiting new volunteers will result in lost productivity.

Voluntary agreement
If you would like assistance with developing a sound volunteer policy, please contact PEP Den Haag. It is best to be proactive and have a strong policy in place before volunteers arrive at your organisation. Your policy should include a voluntary agreement.

The following responsibilities and conditions should be included in the agreement:

  • the work you are performing
  • the time limit for the work
  • any voluntary payment or travel expenses
  • rights and obligations
  • training and education
Insurance for volunteers
'De Haagse Polis' is a free insurance policy for all volunteers in the municipality of The Hague. Every citizen of The Hague doing organized voluntary work on a single or regular basis has a right to this policy. This policy covers work related injuries, personal valuables, right to legal assistance and liability insurance. This insurance is very comprehensive. If loss or damage occurs, the volunteer or the organisation must contact Bureau Gemeentelijke Risicomanagement van de Gemeente Den Haag, email: or call (070) 353 51 75.

Why Internationals are excellent volunteers:


  1. Internationals are often highly educated and therefore can often handle more complex tasks such as:  fundraising, administration and marketing.
  2. They can be your access to a network of more than 50.000 other Internationals in The Hague.
  3. The eyes of an outsider will bring new insights to your organization.
  4. Many Internationals are not allowed to apply for a paid job but are more than happy to do voluntary work.
  5. Many Internationals have extra time on their hands that they wish to put to good use.
For more information
Please contact Annemiek Haneveld (PEP)
E-mail of phone (+31) 70 302 44 11.

The services offered by PEP:

PEP is the innovator, expert, and consultant on matters of civil participation and emancipation in The Hague. It is an independent, reliable, customer and service orientated organisation.  PEP takes responsibility, is proactive, enters into dialogue, is flexible and sustainable. A very important added value is PEP's cross-sector approach, which has made it a leader among civil organisations in our city. For more information, or if you have questions, please contact:  (070) 302 44 44.