NL Doet

NL doet - Let's Get Your Organization Registered!

Every service organization has this issue: Hands-on volunteer jobs that are important, but for which there are no helping hands. These tasks often include things like refurbishing a building, preparing a vegetable garden for the summer, or organizing something for residents, among many others. In our experience, we know that many current residents of The Hague are willing to take these on! So Oranje Fonds and PEP Den Haag are bringing supply and demand together with our annual volunteering event, NLDoet. The annual NLDoet is the largest volunteer event in the Netherlands. Do you plan to participate?

Request a Financial Contribution for Your NLDoet Job

Once again, Oranje Fonds is organizing NLdoet together with thousands of organizations around the country for the largest volunteer campaign in the Netherlands. You as an organization can submit financial support applications to Oranje Fonds if you are organizing an NLDoet job. The maximum amount that can be applied for is €350. Please note, you have not automatically made a financial request just by posting your job on the NLDoet website; you must apply separately. Space is limited, so make sure to apply as soon as possible!

Click here to apply for financial support for your NLdoet job

Offer a Volunteer Job?

Are you affiliated with a social organization where volunteers are needed? NLDoet is the perfect opportunity to tackle any activity with them. Participation means extra hands, new networks, and brand awareness for your organization. Do you have a job or do you want to do something extra during NLDoet? Register your volunteer job at .

Help with Organizing and Offering a Job.

Need help with your NLDoet activity? NLdoet has a website with various sample documents (see #1 below). You can also contact the PEP Helpdesk by telephone at 070 - 302 44 19 or by email at [email protected]. They are happy to help you with the volunteer job description, organization, and publicity. 

1. Useful documents and downloads (from

2. Set up, implement, and follow a step-by-step plan

  • Make a clear job description
  • Think of a short, appealing, and enthusiastic text. Include in it:
  • Job title - An inspiring name for the job that encourages people to participate. Also, write something about the purpose and usefulness of your organization.
  • Clear description of tasks, time, and what volunteers can expect. 
  • Publicity
  • Recruit volunteers as widely as possible; send a press release (see example on NLdoet site ), use social media, and share the job within your network. Don't forget your own club magazine. If the job is not yet fully known, spread a "save the date." Also put your job in the job vacancy database of our website, Den Haag Doet.
  • Prepare for the job and purchase materials (who, what, where, when)
  • Show appreciation to volunteers after the task
  • Organize a joint get-together. Talk and share experiences, a drink, a gift, etc. Convey a positive attitude and sense of appreciation that binds the volunteer to your organization.