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Our Newest Partner: Expat INFO Holland

Written by Tetyana Benzeroual

Volunteer the Hague is dedicated to helping internationals find volunteering jobs and other networking opportunities in order to make their transition to the Netherlands as easy as possible. As this is an important task, we cannot do it alone. We are thrilled to announce our latest partnership with ExpatINFO Holland, an organization that is committed to making life for you in the Netherlands much more comfortable. Together we will aid you, international residents and students, expats and more, in finding volunteer work and a multitude of other opportunities here in the Hague.

ExpatINFO Holland works to provide content that is accurate, reliable, up-to-date, interesting, entertaining and relevant to expats and the international community in the Hague as well as many other international Dutch cities such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht and more. ExpatINFO Holland helps to provide answers concerning expat life from essentials like housing, employment, and healthcare, to services like bike repairs, childcare centers and tax advice. All questions concerning life in the Netherlands is made easier with ExpatINFO Holland, where the latest information regarding internationals can be found in their news section, and fun activities like festivals, shows, concerts, fairs and sports are listed in their easily accessible event calendar.

You can learn about what the odd sculptures by the beach in Scheveningen are all about, read the news on the EU, Netherlands and Brexit situation, gain knowledge about Dutch history, government and culture, and even be provided a list of the top ten sights to see in South Holland! ExpatINFO will always provide you the most valuable and relevant information – and we are so happy to be working with such an up-to-date outlet on all things Dutch!

If you would like to contact ExpatINFO Holland, be sure to send them an email at [email protected], or visit their location here in The Hague. For even more information, visit them at

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