ADO Den Haag in de Maatschappij

About ADO Den Haag in de Maatschappij

ADO Den Haag is a people's club with a football history of more than 115 years and is inextricably linked to the city of The Hague and its region. The club has been performing a wide range of social activities for many years and thus shows that it is at the heart of society, because ADO Den Haag is for everyone. In order to properly safeguard these activities, a separate foundation was established in 2011: ADO Den Haag in de Maatschappij.
All residents of the Haaglanden region have the right to and access to healthy living, education and participation, with which they can take care of their own well-being.

With the attractiveness and binding capacity of ADO Den Haag, we support civil society organizations in achieving their goals in the field of promoting health, participation and education among the inhabitants of the Haaglanden region.

ADO Den Haag in de Maatschappij stands for connecting sport with society. Together we are a very strong team and each of us fulfills his or her own important role. Where one starts, the other picks it up or taps it back: from volunteers and players to employees, staff and partner organizations. Not only. Together!

ADO The Hague in Society
A one-two punch with society