Ambassade van Den Haag

About Ambassade van Den Haag

More than 200 proud residents of The Hague who are committed to a hospitable The Hague with passion and enthusiasm, that is the Embassy of The Hague. The organization runs almost entirely on volunteers. Most volunteers work as City Hosts, but enthusiastic volunteers are also active for the communication and logistics department and provide support with office work. It is a diverse group of volunteers. Young and old, men and women, students and workers. Truly a cross section of the population of The Hague.

The mission of the Embassy is: Creating a 9+ hospitality experience for visitors to The Hague.

By fulfilling this mission, the Embassy makes a positive contribution to:
* the welcome and hospitality of visitors
* the brand 'The Hague'
* the involvement of the city
* the economic spin off (more spending in the city)
* participation of residents and attitude towards volunteering.