Bureau LWPC

About Bureau LWPC

With Bureau LWPC we are committed to helping people in vulnerable circumstances. This may include: lonely people, people with a small social network, informal caregivers or, for example, young people from underprivileged families.

We develop and implement these projects for clients in the social domain. We started in Flevoland, but are now also active in other parts of the country. Our methods are mainly aimed at prevention and early detection. We now guide thousands of people in this way.

The success of our company lies in the fact that we believe in the power of attention, from person to person. In this way we contribute to positive health and reduce the pressure on social services. This is also the reason why municipalities and social organizations are our customers.

Due to the expertise we have built up, as a project agency we are also asked to guide local coalitions against loneliness. We are very proud of our Attention Center. Through structural telephone attention, we can now also support seriously lonely people and overburdened informal caregivers.

We would like to shape our mission together with other partners: creating places in every municipality in the Netherlands where people in vulnerable circumstances can go. This way we can make the world a bit more beautiful together.