Stichting Centrum 16.22

About Stichting Centrum 16.22

Creative and socially involved

Centrum 16•22 develops projects, workshops, training courses and teaching materials on current social themes. We do this for children, young people and their educators and professionals. Our goal is to enable young people to participate in society in a self-reliant, socially skilled and successful manner. Self•Conscious•Together•Living are therefore core concepts of Center 16•22. Our innovative programs are suitable for all young people of all levels from the beginning of primary school to the end of higher professional education, including those outside education in youth and health care.

Center 16•22 is a foundation; that means we are not focused on making profit. Our permanent team consists of about fifteen employees. In addition, we sometimes hire trainers on a project basis. We also work with volunteers and we have room for interns.
The Centrum 16•22 team is very diverse in terms of background and education. We have in common that we love our work. In addition, we are creative, socially involved, customer-oriented, innovative and flexible. We also have a good eye for what is going on with young people.