De Kinderwinkel Den Haag

About De Kinderwinkel Den Haag

The Children's Shop is a project of the Protestant community of the Marcuskerk and Stek - for the city and the church. In 1995, De Kinderwinkel was founded from the Marcus Church. Stek is responsible for the day-to-day operations, and our MR actively thinks about everything that is going on. The Children's Shop wants to be a safe home place for children and teenagers in Moerwijk every day.

Two professionals and approximately 50 volunteers from the neighborhood and the church work together in the Children's Shop. It is a place where children, teenagers and their parents/guardians from different origins and with different (religious) beliefs can meet each other.

The Children's Shop develops numerous activities: children's walk-in, teenage walk-in, parent-child mornings, the famous teenage restaurant on Thursday evenings, homework guidance, music lessons, outings during the school holidays, a summer camp and much more.

The work of the Children's Shop is also linked to a project at the nearby P. Oosterlee School: the Bank. This is individual guidance for children who are in a difficult situation or who simply want to talk confidentially.