About Kinderzwerfboek

Stray books belong to all children! You take the book home and when you finish it, you let it roam again. You can find them at school, in the waiting room, at the petting zoo, on the train or in a KinderzwerfboekStation.

You can recognize stray books by the sticker on the cover. The sticker reads: Take me with you! You can take it home and read it for free. When you get it out, let it roam again. Then another child can read it too. There is also a sticker on the inside of the cover. This sticker often contains a roaming code. With that code you can follow the wandering of the book. Every time this code is entered on the Kinderzwerfboek website, you will receive an email and you will know where the book is. Did you know that some books have started wandering in Utrecht and are already in Leeuwarden?