Stichting Kunstverbind

About Stichting Kunstverbind

We believe in a world of curiosity and attention for each other. Where people really meet. Really open up to others. That magic. We have experienced that people then step out of their existing roles and patterns. See each other as they are. Unique, different and valuable. And that gives us so much energy, we wish everyone that.

We create connections with a unique mix of visual artistry and coaching. Everyone can do it. By doing and sharing, more and more fun, openness and trust are created in a magical way. It is liberating. The ultimate result is a work of art made together that everyone is proud of. Symbol of the special encounter.

We offer social interactive projects. For the neighbourhood, for young and old, for business. Where meeting, getting to know other people is central. We have different formats such as 'Lopend Buurtje', 'Find together', 'KunstVerbind Mobiel' and 'ShiftEnter'. All focused on that encounter, that magic. For that world we like to see.