About Pherenike

We are committed to helping people achieve long-term recovery so that they can return to living a pleasant, valuable and healthy life.

At Pherenike we believe in the inner strength of people and the individual capacity to change. We believe that addiction care should not only be about prevention and recovery, but also about creating opportunities to be successful in life.

With a personal touch, we guide people who want to change their lifestyle in such a way that they can have a positive influence on every aspect of their life. And because every person is unique, we offer a variety of group counseling as well as personalized counseling.

Our care is of course aimed at a life without addiction, but not only that. A healthy body (body, mind & soul), talent development (where is your passion?, what are your competencies?) and social participation are aspects that run like a red thread through our care provision. We use the tools for recovery through the 12-step Minnesota Model, individual and group therapy, healthy “extracurricular” activities and medical supervision.