About Stadslink

Stadslink is an idealistic foundation that operates as a social enterprise. Stadslink wants to promote the economic and social independence of people. We do this by thinking and working differently.
Stadslink is small but does a great job. Started in The Hague, flown out to surrounding municipalities.

The city is a breeding ground for dreams and talents. In order to give shape to these dreams, Stadslink devises workable concepts in collaboration with the city and its residents. Concepts in which citizens can discover & practice their talents. And with which a network of concerned citizens is created across the city. A network where city residents can use their knowledge, their contacts, their donation or their spare time and where people support each other and cooperation based on shared ideas.

That is exciting, challenging and certainly achievable. This does not happen automatically: The core is in connecting. To this end, we deploy Young Professionals: freshly trained people who are eager to use their acquired knowledge and skills and realize their plans for the future.