StadsOase Spinozahof

About StadsOase Spinozahof

The StadsOase Spinozahof is a green oasis in the middle of the busy, petrified city center of The Hague. With more than 200 friends and 20 nationalities, a former vacant building plot has been transformed into a sustainable meeting place for everyone. Not only for gardening, composting and sharing stuff, but also for eating, drinking tea, and giving or following workshops. Or to be able to read a book in the open air in peace. Here it is possible!

In 2013, the wasteland, which was mainly used as a garbage dump, challenged the city pioneers from the Stationsbuurt, the Old Center and the Schilderswijk neighborhoods to create a community garden. This beautiful place now consists of 31 small individual gardens, a large communal garden, a medicinal herb garden, a community shed, a compost bakery, an orangery, a kitchen, a large outdoor gazebo and various corners and seats to enjoy the greenery.

The pioneers of the StadsOase Spinozahof are convinced that when we, people, are proud of ourselves, we will also invest in our environment. Or vice versa: if we live in an environment where we are valued, we will also give this back to that environment. The Spinozahof wants to continue to be an environment in which everyone counts and where everyone has a role that is important to the whole. By using the neighborhood garden as a meeting place, we as a community ensure more social inclusion, a better image of the neighborhood and a greener sustainable environment.