Stichting Mensen van Overal

About Stichting Mensen van Overal

People from Everywhere is a new foundation, we started in January 2019, at the initiative of migrants themselves.

We believe that integration should be fun and want to show that we as migrants have something to offer society in The Hague.

We are independent, impartial and non-religious. Our founders are mainly Syrians, but we are there for everyone, regardless of status, origin, religion, orientation, and so on.

Our volunteers are motivated and often highly educated women and men. They come from Syria, Palestine, Afghanistan, Iraq, the Netherlands, Brazil, Iran, Somalia and Eritrea, among others. Among us are doctors, dentists, lawyers, IT specialists, entrepreneurs, a teacher, architect, sociologist, physicist and a psychiatrist.
We want to build a bridge to society in The Hague with the Dutch and other organisations. We want to help people one step further. Offer support to continue on your own two feet. We do this as an experience expert, as a professional, as a person. Because no one is just a refugee.

We want to offer a safe place where people can be themselves. Because it is precisely then that we really have something to offer society, we are convinced of that