Stichting Remar

About Stichting Remar

Remar Foundation is an organization that stands for the less fortunate. The foundation was founded more than 30 years ago to provide a solution to the social problems of our environment by providing moral, cultural and material support to people suffering from social exclusion. Remar Foundation is present in 74 countries whose doors are open day and night and is committed to people who need help.
Remar Hollanda Foundation in The Hague is a walk-in center where people can come together to talk, have a bite to eat and do other social activities. Almost 50 people visit the drop-in center of the Remar Hollanda Foundation every week. Most of these people are in need; they live on the street and / or are alone. They are either homeless or in a lonely situation or in some form of poverty.

To combat integration, cultural problems and problems such as social isolation and depression among these people, Remar Foundation also wants to organize other social activities for these people. Such as beauty day, annual dinners and creative workshops, to motivate them, let them participate and contribute to improving the quality of life of these people. With the workshops and other activities we organize, we reach more and more people who need a place to meet and socialize like-minded people.