Stichting Sintvoorieder1

About Stichting Sintvoorieder1

For 1 in 9 children who grow up in (hidden) poverty, a present on Sinterklaas Eve is not at all self-evident. It is also inexplicable that the Good Saint drives past their house, while friends and classmates do receive presents. This has a major impact on a child's social and emotional development.

The Sintvoorieder1 Foundation is committed to unburdening these families and putting a smile on the faces of these children (and their parents!) on Christmas Eve. Because every child deserves to be seen on December 5.

Throughout the year, our warehouse employees put together a Sinterklaas gift package for every vulnerable child with the utmost care, carefully write a beautiful poem and wrap the presents with sweets with lots of love. With a large team of volunteers and many business and social friends and donors, our goal is to make no fewer than 34,000 children spread across the Netherlands happy by 2024.