Stichting The Umbrella of Hope Nederland

About Stichting The Umbrella of Hope Nederland

Our Overall Goal:
Educating a sustainable future for development

The objective of the Foundation is to promote, support and advance research into educational achievement as well as play a leading role in supporting and improving the quality of educational programmes in Africa and The Netherlands, with a focus on underprivileged children, adolescents and youths.

a. Support initiatives in Africa that enable children to attend school in places where their access to education is limited or support projects that improve the quality of education or provide vocational training for adolescents and youth.

b. Set up and execute projects in the field of research into education, both in Africa and The Netherlands; i.e. by:
• gathering relevant data;
• processing and analyzing existing (or gathered) data;
• reporting analyzed data.

Core activity
• Integration of migrants in The Hague
• Emancipation of migrants in The Hague; sexual and reproductive health
• Sexual and reproductive health education in Uganda
• Menstrual health education in Uganda
• Health support for teenage others in Uganda
• Research