War Child Nederland

About War Child Nederland

We are the little ones who dare to dream.
War Child dreams that every child can live in peace.

We believe that children do not belong in war. Never.
And we are cocky enough to believe that dreams can come true.

We know that war is bigger than us.
But war doesn't have to mark life for you or the generations after you.

We dream that War Child will no longer be needed.
But as long as there is war, War Child will continue to help children.

We support children through the most difficult times of their lives.
Encourage them to regain pleasure, happiness and freedom.

We will never be able to completely take away the pain of war.
But we can offer safe places where children can catch their breath.

We believe the power of listening and comfort can save a child's life.
We believe in talking and learning together. In music and games. In hope.

But we do not believe blindly.
We test our views and approach through and through.
This is how we offer help that works.

We know we can get a child out of the war.
And that it takes little exploits every day to get the war out of a child.

There are many more children who need support than War Child alone can help.
We know that we cannot do this without others.

We want nothing more than to share our passion, knowledge and approach.
If we want to do this well, we need each other.

Because children don't belong in war. Never.

We dream that all children can live as they want.
Free to play. Free to grow. Free to be.