About Youth Initiative Center

A social company called Youth Initiative Center was founded in 2019. Began operations in the Netherlands and abroad. Supports and gives voice to young people, especially those who are immigrant, disabled and at risk of bullying, and those who live in remote areas. Our mission is to empower young people, to instill self-assurance in them and to encourage them to speak up for themselves; to provide an environment for learning and discovery; to open up new opportunities and make new friends around the globe; and to effect social change.
Among our activities:
We are currently working on our second project as a Project Coordinators, "Overcoming fear of failure," for which we are the applicant organization as of April 1, 2021. The project is moving forward nicely and on schedule, which is precisely what we want.
-We have local and online events, with youth, immigrants in general those who have fewer opportunities, to introduce our activities, mission and opportunities, to empower youth and improve growth mindset.