Residentie Bach Ensembles

About Residentie Bach Ensembles

Our more than 100 choir members enjoy weekly rehearsals in The Hague and Voorburg. They are amateurs who sing at a high level. The Residentie Bach Choir (150 years old) and the Residentie Kamer Choir (45 years old) provide a varied concert program together with the professionals of the Residentie Bach Orchestra and soloists. In addition to works by Bach, work by a wide range of composers will be performed. Jos Vermunt has been our conductor for 25 years. The cantata services in the Kloosterkerk are also graced with a cantata (every last Sunday of the month), now for 60 years. Volunteers from the choirs and their network take care of the organization behind the scenes, in close cooperation with the business, artistic and production leaders and the boards.