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The Latest Issue of Access Magazine Out Now!

Written by Gabriel Rodriguez
The Latest Version of the Access Magazine - Now Available for Download!

As an international here in the Netherlands, have you ever run into cultural and bureaucratic hurdles for which you wish you’d been more prepared? Based on our own personal experiences, we’re guessing the answer is probably yes. But never fear, because there is help out there! For over 30 years, Access has been getting important information and resources out to expats in order to help them build successful, happy lives here in the Netherlands. This includes everything from practical information such as how to get housing or health care to more cultural information such as Dutch etiquette and traditions, as well as how to find and build social networks!

In recent years, Access has been a fantastic partner to us at Volunteer The Hague, helping us to get our message about the importance of volunteering out to our expat community. We’re excited about the services they offer and the work that they do, so we’re both happy and proud to continue our partnership with them in the future. In that spirit, we’re thrilled to announce that Access Magazine’s new issue for Spring 2021 is now available on their website. In this issue, you’ll find features on important topics such as tips and tricks to make the relocation process easier, ways to stay sane during lockdown, current events, and more!

And if you like this issue, you can also go back and look at their magazine archive so you can peruse previous issues as well! Don’t forget to also take a look at their website to find the most important and up-to-date information on how to make a great life for yourself here in the Netherlands, as well as information about how to contact them directly for advice. We hope you’ll find Access to be as brilliant as a resource as we do!

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