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Dutch Language Cafe

Written by Gabriel Rodriguez

Would you like to learn or improve Dutch in a fun way? Then visit The Dutch Language Café.

At The Dutch Language Café people from different nationalities come together to meet new people and learn Dutch in a fun way. 

They believe that the best way to learn a language is to apply it in real life. The Dutch Language Cafe provides a safe place to do just that. By playing games and engaging in all sorts of fun activities, while talking Dutch.

You will split up in groups to do a game, guided by a friendly Dutch native. Afterwards you may play table tennis, make music, or just chat along in Dutch! The atmosphere is relaxed, informal and friendly.

In addition to Wednesday’s Game Night and Saturday’s social events, The Dutch Language Café also offers language exchanges on Mondays, where you can practice other languages than Dutch. And if you are still a bit shy to speak Dutch, you could start with the Kickstart your Dutch course. 

Check out their website for all they have to offer at


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