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Web Store for Volunteers: Find a Gift That Suits You!

Written by Tetyana Benzeroual

Did you know that the Municipality of The Hague hosts over 135,000 volunteers? In every corner of every neighborhood, there are people who volunteer for a more healthy, involved, and caring city. We at Volunteer the Hague are so proud of all of the international volunteers included in this number, as they never let the difficulty of a new environment get in their way of giving back! As a thank you, the municipality has launched a web store especially for volunteers in The Hague! Are you a registered volunteer with an organization? Then you can choose a gift in the web store – you’ve earned it!

Create an account at Den Haag Doet and tick “I am active as a volunteer and would like to be eligible for appreciation.” An account will be created for you as a registered volunteer with your organization, where you can log in and gain access to the web shop!

You can receive 20 credits per calendar year, available to you until 31 December, which you can spend freely on whatever you’d like. After placing your order, you will receive a voucher by email.

For any questions about the webshop, please contact the Den Haag Doet service team at [email protected] or visit their website here. Happy shopping, and happy holidays!

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