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Expat Parents - Share Your Views on Dutch Education!

Written by Gabriel Rodriguez

Calling all expat parents! On the whole, The Netherlands is a great place to live for expats, but as with anything, there's always room for improvement. The International Community Advisory Panel, established in 2016 to challenge misperceptions and increase knowledge about the international community in the Netherlands, focuses on issues of particular interest to expats, including housing, healthcare, diversity, and education. They're currently conducting a survey of local expat parents who have children in school in order to add to their research and come up with action items to advocate on behalf of our community.

What are your experiences of the education system, local or international? Do you have suggestions about how to make it better for expats here in The Netherlands? And how do you feel about our local schools' response to the pandemic? Make your voice heard and participate in their survey! It just takes a few minutes and can help a lot of people in the future! You can find the survey here.

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Ambassador Programme Be a voice for change: become an ambassador of The Hague International Centre Are you an international living, working or studying in The Hague region? Would you like to be an ambassador for the local international community and help improve local services?​ Join our ambassador programme!​  Ambassadors of The Hague International Centre will:  Be consulted on our ideas for services for international people Get involved in making sure that every international in the region is well supported Help to inspire and activate the international community Get plenty of opportunities to network with policy makers, other internationals, and much more! What we ask of you: The position is on a voluntary basis:  A minimum commitment of 1 year, with a​ maximum term of 3 years Availability to meet 6 times a year as part of a focus group (the first meet-up will take place on 10 February) Becoming part of our advisory team and being available (if you’d like) at our events, and being interviewed for our website What’s in it for me? Being able to affect real change for (new) internationals in our region Contributing to making services for international people better Having a platform and representation in the region A stimulating environment where people are free to give their ideas Invitations to our events, a look behind the scenes of the International Centre, plenty of networking opportunities, and much more! Get involved Apply before 16 January by filling out the form below. We’d like to know:  Who you are Why you’d like to get involved How you came to live in The Hague Any initial ideas or topics that you’d like to raise with us Based on the applications and selection made, we will get back to you in the week of 24 January.

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For those of us in the volunteer promotion community, this week is very special: Monday, 5 December is International Volunteer Day and Wednesday 7 December is National Volunteer Day in the Netherlands! These are days of recognition for all of the important work done by thousands of volunteers here and worldwide - and in every imaginable field. Volunteering isn't just an activity that makes a difference in the community and in the lives of others - this act of kindness can also help the one volunteering, whether it be by gaining new skills, a sense of purpose, or simply the satisfaction of having helped others. According to Time Bank, 84% of HR and recruiting professionals agree that volunteering is a great way to help people find work, with an astounding 80% of employers saying that they regard volunteering positively on a potential employee's CV. Whether it's helping to combat depression, learning to engage with new communities, or improving health and fitness, volunteering can also benefit one's physical and mental health and wellbeing.     We at Volunteer The Hague understand the important benefits of volunteering - especially for internationals just moving to a new country. No matter the stage in your moving process, volunteering can be a great asset to help you get settled. This is why Volunteer the Hague connects internationals with meaningful volunteer opportunities at local non-profit organizations, free of charge. The Hague is a place where all nationalities come together, forming a multicultural society. Our mission has always been to bridge the gap between internationals who may not know where to start on their volunteering journey in a new country, and nonprofits who are searching for internationals to help aid in their inspiring missions.    Together, we can empower people to change the world from the grassroots up, especially when enabled by partnerships between local internationals and local nonprofit organizations. To all of the fantastic volunteers in our community, we want to send a big THANK YOU and hope you continue your volunteer journeys in 2023!

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