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Short Survey to Help the Netherlands Improve International Talent Acquisition!

Written by Gabriel Rodriguez

Our friends at The Hague International Centre are launching a European "Benchmark Study on International Talent" in order to become better at attracting, retaining and matching international talent with the skills needs of various companies.

The Why: Global competition on high-skilled talent is leveling up every year, and many companies and organizations feel that they can’t fill vacant positions, which inhibits growth. Many high-skilled international Masters and Ph.D. students wish to stay in their host countries after graduation, but in the end only a minority do, which is a big lost opportunity for the host country.


This European benchmark study seeks to improve services to local internationals in order to make our region more attractive and a better home for everyone! The study also seeks to learn about internationals in different markets in order to develop comparable insights on the satisfaction level of the target group, which is Bachelor and Masters students, PhDs, and high-skilled workers. The study will include a ranking of decision-making factors, main reasons for arriving to and staying in a country to pursue career opportunities, and will also explore challenges for employers when it comes to attracting, receiving, and retaining international talents.


Are you an international Bachelors/Masters/PhD student or professional/self-employed/spouse working in tech, science, or as an engineer? Please share your experience as an international when it comes to settling in, living, and working here in The Netherlands by taking this 10-minute survey, which can be found at the link below. And thank you so much in advance!

To the survey:

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