Post | April 2022 | News | 1 min read

Monthly "New in The Hague" Webinars at The Hague International Centre

Written by Gabriel Rodriguez

Our friends at The Hague International Centre always have a steady program of fun and informative events for members of our expat community. Recently, they've started a monthly webinar series title, "New in The Hague Webinars" tailored for those who are relative newcomers to The Hague region. From navigating the IND residence permit process to finding a good medical insurance company, we're sure that you can find some great information that you can use in your daily life at one of these events. The next webinar is coming up on 25 May, so for more information and to register, take a look at their Monthly New in The Hague Webinars page and make sure to check back regularly for future events!

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