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Volunteer The Hague announces a series of workshops

Volunteer The Hague announces a series of workshops

Watch out for the six workshops we'll be organizing this year

Volunteer The Hague recently turned six. As we complete six years of our existence, we want you to know that we are moving from strength to strength. We recently received funding from the Municipality of The Hague for the calendar year 2019 to enable us to serve you better.


We believe volunteering is as noble as practical, in terms of leveraging the skills that people have. While the volunteer gets a chance to use their existing skills, a non-profit that requires those skills gets a volunteer that can match their requirement. 


As it is with every profession, we understand that volunteers need to be at the top of their game too. In order to help you polish your skills further and also to create more awareness around issues that we face in society today, we will soon be organizing a series of workshops in collaboration with NL Cares and Present Den Haag. We plan to organize six workshops during the course of the year.


The details for the workshops will be communicated soon via our website and social media channels. Are you excited? Well, we share the excitement with you. Let’s grow and get better, together.


If you have any suggestions on how we can help you better in terms of volunteering opportunities and integration, please feel free to send us an email at [email protected]. Look forward to seeing you in person at our workshop!

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