Help for Ukraine

Do you want to do something to help people in Ukraine? View the overview of activities in The Hague here.

The team at Volunteer The Hague has been horrified to see the tragedy and injustice that are currently unfolding in Ukraine due to Russia's unprovoked invasion. As the crisis unfolds, we know that more and more Ukrainian refugees will be arriving in our communities and will need assistance and information. We also know that many people in our expat community who have a strong spirit of volunteerism will be getting involved to help. On this page we will list resources for Ukrainian refugees arriving in The Netherlands as well as some resources from local organizations that are helping Ukrainians who are still in Ukraine. We will update this resource as more information becomes available.


What can you do and what is there to do?

What can citizens of the Hague do?

National initiatives

Activities for Refugees in The Hague/Діяльність для біженців у Гаазі

What can your company do?

Good To Know For Ukrainian Refugees

  • Vluchtelingenwerk provides information about the type of work refugees may do and where they have to report. Some answers to frequently asked questions can be found here. For further information please check this link Vluchtelingenwerk . If you have a specific question please feel free to send them an email to [email protected] or call 070-3265367.

  • IDHEM can provide practical information in your own language (Ukrainian/Russian/English). For further information please check the website of IDHEM . If you couldn't find the answer of your question on the website then please feel free to send them an email to  [email protected] or call 070-3658183.

  • Should you have any questions about, for example, the Ooievaarspas, registering for school or childcare and help, please feel free to make a contact with the Servicepunt XL in the neighbourhood. Check the locations and opening hours on The Servicepunt XL for all your questions - Servicepunt XL . Should you have any questions but you do not speak English, please feel free to make an appointment for an interpreter via [email protected]

  • Do you have questions about registering or childcare? For further information, you can call the Municipality of The Hague: at 070-353 80 24 or (+31)70-3538024 from abroad. This number is available on working days from 8:30 a.m to 5 p.m C.E.T (Central European Time). More information from the municipality of The Hague can be found here

  • The Netherlands Red Cross Helpline provides many useful information in three languages: in Russian ,Ukrainian, English The Netherlands Red Cross connects people thru a Telegram-channel which is available in three languages as well: in Ukraine @redcrossnl_ua, in Russian: @redcrossnl_rus, in English; @redcross.nl_en . For more information please call 070-44 55 888 from Monday till Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m or you can send them an email to [email protected]


Praktijk Noord Einde Groepsdynamica is starting in November 2022 a Ukraine-peer-group in the center of The Hague. We are now open for subscribers.

The aim of the Ukraine-peer-group is to bring fellow Ukrainian people with a similar war situation into contact with each other, facilitated by experienced group coaches. Goal is to work together to process and to understand more of what is going on and to discover together how you can deal with it.

The group is intended for adults who recognize themselves in one or more of the points below:

  • Adults fled Ukraine because of the war.
  • Need for contact with other people from Ukraine with a similar story.
  • Worries about family, friends or acquaintances left behind.
  • Difficulties in getting used to the Netherlands.
  • Homesickness.
  • Uncertainty about the future.
  • Feelings of anger, sadness, fear or otherwise that one wants to share.
  • Speak English language good enough to express oneself.

Group coaches are Andrea Ruissen and Sen Ostadi. We will schedule a meeting every two weeks (on the odd weeks) on Monday from 15.30-16:45. We assume that you will be there every two weeks. 

The group coaches ensure a psychologically safe environment in which changes can take place. Joining a group can be exciting. The group coaches are aware of this. They pay attention to the individual processes of the group members and also pay attention to the group as a whole. We will ensure confidentiality and address this topic regularly. Coaches will schedule one individual session prior to joining the group, to discuss terms and conditions.

You can now sign up for the Ukraine-peer-group!

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Location: our practice at Oranjestraat 5 in Den Haag, a 7 minute walk from the Embassy of Ukraine
  • When: starting in November 2022, every two weeks (on the odd weeks) on Monday from 15.30-16:45 (75 minutes)
  • Costs: it is free
  • Capacity: 8 to 10 people

Please contact [email protected] for more information or to subscribe. We will schedule one individual session prior to joining the group, to discuss terms and conditions

Unaccompanied Minor Children

  • Stichting Nidos is currently arranging reception and guardianship for unaccompanied minor refugee children. Many unaccompanied Ukrainian children will be taken in by their own family or acquaintances in the area. However, for unaccompanied minor children without family or acquaintances, Nidos is looking for families within the Ukrainian community in the Netherlands. Nidos works with families with a similar cultural and linguistic background to that of the children in need. 

  • Check the website of UNICEF to find information about unaccompanied minor children. Important note: Guardianship must be arranged for unaccompanied refugee children who are already being cared. To do this, contact the Nidos office in your region. (See this link for The Hague.) For questions about becoming a child's guardian and general registration questions, you can find more information at this link. For further information send an email to [email protected] or call 0885011265.

Refugee Housing Information

  • The Hague is temporarily accommodating refugees who have no shelter in hotels or elsewhere. Refugees can report and register at the registration point daily between 8.30 a.m. and 11 p.m. C.E.T (Central European Time). The address of the registration point is: Broodfabriek, Volmerlaan 12, 2288 GD Rijswijk. Refugees are transferred from the registration point to reception locations in the region. Please note: Refugees who have temporary shelter do not have to register now.

  • Voedselbank Haaglanden (The Food Bank Haaglanden) offers temporary emergency aid to those who allow refugees from Ukraine to stay in their homes. The living allowance scheme is currently in effect in the municipalities in which we provide food packages in Municipalities of The Hague, Zoetermeer and Rijswijk. If refugees from Ukraine have registered with one of these municipalities, living allowance is paid out in the very short term. The Food Bank will then no longer have to provide emergency aid. All applications from 25 April 2022 will therefore no longer be processed with reference to the information on the websites. Applications already granted for a period of 2 months automatically expire at the end of that period. The main condition is that they are not receiving living allowances from the government or municipality yet. Every Friday they can pick up a food package at one of its distribution points. More information about the conditions can be found here.

  • The Hague agency Relocation Services Holland has started a helpline for Ukrainian refugees in the Netherlands. They can contact this helpline with all their practical questions and receive explanations in their native language. Please check this Relocation Holland or call (+31)615524167 free of charge on weekdays between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. C.E.T (Central European Time).

  • The Municipality of The Hague arranges temporary shelters for those who come to the sign up point but still don't get housing yet. Please check this link Reception of Ukrainian refugees

  • How can I sign up for a Host Family? Takecarebnb can help you find a Host Family but you have to be registered first as a refugee and own a residence permit for The Netherlands. Please note! Takecarebnb screens you whether you are eligible or not.

Where you can get help for your pets

Many Ukrainians have taken their pets with them on the run. When arriving in the Netherlands with a pet, rules applied. That's because Ukraine is a high-risk country for rabies. In the European Union it has been agreed that people who have fled Ukraine with their pets will be treated flexibly. 

If you need help for your pets, you can contact the Reporting Centre for Help for Animals from Ukraine. You can think of support in getting the necessary vaccinations, animal care products or looking for a temporary place where the pet can be housed. For further information please check the website in three languages: in English , Russian , Ukrainian .

Please feel free to call 088-8113333 (available from 09 a.m. to 5 p.m. C.E.T.) 

Or send them an email to [email protected]ï 

Medical Care for Ukrainian Refugees

How does the medical care work for Ukrainian Refugees in The Netherlands?

The Regulation of Medical Care for Displaced Persons (RMO) from Ukraine

The Regulation of Medical Care for Displaced Persons from Ukraine (De Regeling Medische zorg Ontheemden uit Oekraïne (RMO)) is as of July 1st, 2022 applied. The reimbursement of the medical care allowance for Displaced Persons is ever since simplified. They don't need any medical insurance anymore since August 1st, 2022 because they are covered by RMO.

The Ministry of Public Health, Welfare and Sport is preparing a number of communication materials to inform all those involved (healthcare providers, municipalities, people who offer refugees a place to stay at their place and Ukrainians themselves) about the new regulation. This regulation is available in English, Ukrainian and Russian.

Please check this link , Посилання , связь

Free Public Transports for Ukrainian Refugees

  • Public Transport in The Netherlands. The Netherlands has an extensive network of public transport. The services below can help you find your way around the Netherlands by bus, tram or train. In general, you only need a single public transport card which allows you to check in and out of any transport provider, called the OV-chipkaart. There are special arrangements for Ukrainian refugees, as described below. 

  • NS (Netherlands Railways). By showing your Ukrainian passport or identity card and a German, Belgian, French or Austrian transport ticket that is not older than (within) 24 hours, you can pick up a free ticket at the Tickets and Service counters of the larger NS train stations. For more information on travelling to the Netherlands and staying in The Netherlands please check the website of IND or COA - Centraal Orgaan opvang asielzoekers

  • Requesting an OV-chipkaart (public transport card). With the OV-chipkaart you can travel with all public transportation across the Netherlands. You can buy the OV-chipkaart at stations, in several shops and supermarkets, but also online. More information about requesting the card can be found on this website: OV-chipkaart - Home

Advice for refugees travelling from Ukraine to other countries in Europe

The Trainline

Some of public transport companies are offering free transport from Ukraine across Europe.

Please check the link below how you can get there:

Information on free train and bus travel from Ukraine to Europe | Trainline (

What to do when you arrive in the Netherlands

Refugee Help

Provides the most important information you need if you arrive in the Netherlands.

Please check this link RefugeeHelp - General information - What to do when you arrive in the Netherlands

Useful information for people affected by the conflict in Ukraine

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)

ICRC provides the latest information about the local situations. The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), the Ukrainian Red Cross Society and other partners are doing their best to help the people there.

Please check this link Useful information for people affected by the crisis in Ukraine | ICRC. There are websites too in Ukrainian site en in Russian site.   


For helping refugees

More and more refugees from Ukraine are coming to The Hague and there are many initiatives. Please click on the button below to see how you can help.

As a disclaimer, below are resources our team has found online and we have done our best to ensure that they are legitimate avenues for assistance to Ukraine. However, it's always a good idea to do your own vetting before you donate any money or goods to a charitable cause, because there are always a few bad apples who wish to take advantage of crises like the one in Ukraine, and we don't want to see anyone in our community get taken advantage of.

Are you organizing something yourself or do you have a useful link that you would like to have in this overview? Send an e-mail to [email protected] or contact her by telephone at 070 - 302 44 44.