About Save the Tigris Foundation

The Save the Tigris Foundation is a civil society advocacy platform aiming to promote water justice in the Mesopotamian basin.

We advocate for policies that secure ecological justice including the equitable and democratic use of water for all who live in the region, promoting water as a tool for peace.

We provide a network where civil society organizations from Iraq, Iran, Syria, Türkiye, and the international community can mobilize together, express their solidarity and exchange knowledge and experiences to work on our objectives together within the framework of environmental peacebuilding.

Our advocacy and awareness activities involve all relevant actors: local communities, civil society organizations, media, authorities, academics, research centres and others.

Save the Tigris started as a civil society initiative in March 2012 by a coalition of Mesopotamian and international social and environmental activists and in 2020 became established as a Foundation in the Netherlands. In 2022, we received an ANBI status.