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The Spanda Foundation has a cross-cultural goal, aiming to a better understanding among people through a deeper knowledge of their mutual cultures, ideas, traditions, faiths and beliefs in a ...

Children & youthEducationFaith-based

Fundraising Coordinator

4–10 hrs/wk
1e Sweelinckstraat 16, 2517 GC The Hague, Netherlands
FundraisingMarketing & CommunicationsOrganisation & planningSocial contact
Children & youthEducationFaith-based
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An internationally oriented and highly dynamic office environment;
• Room for personal initiatives and high levels of independence and responsibility

Detailed description

Function description

Ongoing non-remunerated, full or part-time position requiring a minimum commitment of 6 months.

Spanda is now accepting applications for a volunteer position based within the Fundraising Unit of the Development Department. The successful applicant will work full time with the Programme Coordinator to attract funds to increase Spanda's capability to fund projects, increase its institutional efficiency and public awareness of Spanda's goals and approaches for the attainment of a higher collective consciousness.

Spanda is largely dependent on private donations and funds from NGOs, ICSOs and governmental institutions to finance its projects and it day-to-day operations.

Primary duties and responsibilities of the Fundraising Coordinator include, but are not limited to the following:

• Developing ideas for raising funds to support projects and programmes;

• Explore and utilize different channels of incoming funds;

• Organize public fundraising events;

• Write project proposals and apply for funds;

• Research and cultivate funding partners through foundations, corporations, governments, and individual donors;

• Develop standard or tailored project proposals, coordinate with donors, and assist with funding;

• Managing logistics; report to the Programme Coordinator and liaise with Board.

The Fundraiser Coordinator must possess the following:

• Experience in fundraising or event organizing;

• Great personal initiative and independence;

• Capacity to proactively delegate small fundraising tasks to Spanda's interns;

• Creativity;

• Goal-oriented and good at setting priorities;

• Socially capable well versed with computer technology.


Excellent command of oral and written English. Working knowledge of French, Spanish and Dutch are an asset.

This Spanda volunteer position is in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Spanda Volunteer Agreement. Volunteers are not financially remunerated, and Spanda is not responsible for volunteers' travel expenses to and from The Hague, or for mandatory medical insurance during the period of the internship.

Spanda is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All persons regardless of race, colour, creed, national origin, ancestry, sex, marital status, disability, religious or political affiliation, age or sexual orientation shall have equal access to positions, limited only by their ability to do the job.

What we will provide to volunteers

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Getting there

About Spanda Foundation

The Spanda Foundation has a cross-cultural goal, aiming to a better understanding among people through a deeper knowledge of their mutual cultures, ideas, traditions, faiths and beliefs in a dialogue intended to stimulate cultural diversity. At the heart of this mission is an aspiration to contribute to the achievement of a higher state of consciousness. Spanda is particularly interested in projects that encourage freedom of inquiry, imagination, insight, creativity and expression. Spanda is active in promoting individual and collective development, culture,
education, health, the environment, microfinance, scientific initiatives and projects that add social value by fostering creative solutions and strategic resources and that, by serving the common good, may advance human progress and enrich communities towards a more just, sustainable and peaceful world.

Core activity
Spanda, as independent facilitator between the official public bodies, the academic world and the cultural and scientific fields, seeks to achieve its aims by means of research; by publishing studies, organizing and promoting cultural events, courses and training programs, and by distributing educational content; by providing information, comprehensive training, equipment, consultations, and exhibition opportunities to independent and public cultural and scientific operators; by awarding grants, prizes and scholarships; by fostering the preparation of essential human, academic, professional and scientific resources and expertise for the highest quality of professional performance; by gathering and disseminating accurate information through catalogues, databases, journals, photographic archives, publications, and other compendia; by sharing of expertise, direct exchange of research and experience through conferences, symposia, seminars and other professional meetings; by maintaining a library and documentation centre, and all other activities, endeavours, ventures and undertakings, none excluded, consistent with its institutional aim and deemed useful to its achievement. The Foundation acts in an advisory capacity to governments, parliaments and social organizations.
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