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Find Ways to Feel at Home with The Hague International Centre’s Guide to The Hague!

Written by Gabriel Rodriguez
Find Ways to Feel at Home with The Hague International Centre’s Guide to The Hague!

Because Volunteer The Hague specifically focuses on listing volunteer opportunities that are looking for internationals and expats, we work with a lot of other organizations that provide resources and services to our expat community. One of our closest partners has always been The Hague International Centre (THIC), located right in the city center. Whether you’re newly arrived to The Netherlands or have already been here for years, THIC works to provide helpful and essential information to internationals who have chosen to make The Hague their home.

A page from the guide's 'Relocating' section

In addition to offering guidance about living and working in The Hague, running informational and networking events, and helping with formalities such as municipal registration, THIC has recently published Welcome to The Hague: A Guide for Internationals in The Hague Region – an 80-page guide filled with recommendations and tips for how to get settled in The Hague and start finding your niche so that you can have all the resources you need to make a great start! The guide is divided into several sections: a relocation checklist which includes advice on housing, healthcare, job market resources, and more; a section on daily life with important information on the basics, including getting a BSN number, banking, and public transportation; and a section about The Hague region, with recommendations about things to do, events geared towards internationals, and important tips from locals.

Whether you’re new to the region or already feel at home in The Hague, we’re confident that there will be helpful information for you in THIC’s new guide! Newcomers who register with the municipality at THIC in 2020 will be provided with print versions of this guide. They also have a digital version of the guide that is free to download. You can find the digital version on their website here.

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