Upcoming workshops

Community event · 19 Apr, 18:00 – 29 Apr, 10:00
Den Haag
Training course Spray in Unity * Duration: 19 - 29 April
This is an international ( community event ) training course where participants learn to express themselves about migration through the use of street art! Posted by Youth for Mobility

Our past workshops

10 December 2019 - Tips & Tricks for Learning the Dutch Language

"Tips & Tricks for Learning the Dutch Language" with Gabriel Rodriguez, language educator and linguist
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3 December 2019 - "Building a Powerful Personal Brand"

"Building a Powerful Personal Brand" with Michiel Maandag, international brand advisor, author, and coach
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5 November 2019 - "Pitching With Impact!"

"Pitching With Impact!" with Frank Smallegange, pitch coach for (technical) start-ups
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3 October 2019 - "Navigating the Dutch Labour Market"

"Navigating the Dutch Labour Market" with Tessa Faber, recruiter and HR professional
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12 September 2019 - "Create Your Life with Intention - Return to Your Heart"

"Create Your Life with Intention - Return to Your Heart" with Visionary Collective Leader Manuela Damant at ...
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18 July 2019 - "Face Your Fears. Dare!"

"Face Your Fears. Dare!" with Vassia Sarantopoulou, counselor-psychologist and founder of AntiLoneliness
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