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Community event · 13 May, 11:00 - 16:00
Den Haag
Mix & Match Volunteer Job Fair
Mix & mingle with fellow expats from The Hague region, as well as representatives from local NGOs and service organizations eager to work with internationals!Posted by Volunteer The Hague

Our past workshops

10 December 2019 - Tips & Tricks for Learning the Dutch Language

"Tips & Tricks for Learning the Dutch Language" with Gabriel Rodriguez, language educator and linguist
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3 December 2019 - "Building a Powerful Personal Brand"

"Building a Powerful Personal Brand" with Michiel Maandag, international brand advisor, author, and coach
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5 November 2019 - "Pitching With Impact!"

"Pitching With Impact!" with Frank Smallegange, pitch coach for (technical) start-ups
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3 October 2019 - "Navigating the Dutch Labour Market"

"Navigating the Dutch Labour Market" with Tessa Faber, recruiter and HR professional
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12 September 2019 - "Create Your Life with Intention - Return to Your Heart"

"Create Your Life with Intention - Return to Your Heart" with Visionary Collective Leader Manuela Damant at ...
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18 July 2019 - "Face Your Fears. Dare!"

"Face Your Fears. Dare!" with Vassia Sarantopoulou, counselor-psychologist and founder of AntiLoneliness
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