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Viable Community

Viable Community

Non-profit or charity


Nature protection and (re) generation

Nature & sustainabilityAnimal welfareCommunity & family
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Climate actionLife below waterLife on land
Content Creator

Content Creator

Organisation role (Long-term) · Flexible hours · Starting from 27 Mar 2024
Flexible location
Nature & sustainabilityAnimal welfareCommunity & family
Climate actionLife below waterLife on land
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Viable Community
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Contact person

Viable CommunityAsk Viable a question or contact the organiser directly at [email protected] or +31614243406.


Content creators to work with our team of volunteers to come up with posts, ideas and plans for LinkedIn and other social media platforms

Detailed description

Our content is planned around showcasing our organization’s journey and commitment to nature protection, regeneration, and education. If you have experience as a graphic designer, animator, documentary movie maker, Marketeer, or if you think you can come up with relatable and engaging social media posts, your expertise would be beneficial to us. Experience with social media strategy and digital marketing is a plus. 

Who we are:

Welcome to Viable Community, a non-profit organization rooted in the European Union. At the heart of our mission is the establishment of community-managed projects dedicated to the preservation and regeneration of nature. We are currently a community of 50 active volunteers and envisioning a project which is in the conceptual/development phase that aims to combat desertification in Extremadura, Spain. We will cover the soil with solar panels (AgriVoltaics) and give space to indigenous vegetation. We then integrate regenerative agriculture to create an opportunity for people to invest, as well as donate their time, money and efforts.

For more information, visit our website -

Would you like to help preserve and regenerate nature in the most efficient and innovative ways? Are you able to self-motivate and bring tasks to completion?  

Our expectations

We are looking for people who

  • take initiatives and can keep things simple in a start-up environment
  • like to become part of the Viable Team and build/boost/transform this organization 
  • can take on the responsibility to self finish tasks, coordinate tasks, and make decisions while requesting and including the circle’s participants’ input
  • are willing (to learn) to work in our digital office, using Google workspace in the cloud and Download Slack for your phone and/or desktop
  • Check in at least twice a week

Your key responsibilities will include:

  • Generating creative ideas for content.
  • Create content for social media posts, presentations, news items, and/or website content to promote our projects and organization. 
  • Ensuring content aligns with brand guidelines and messaging.
  • Conducting research to gather information for content development.
  • Editing and proofreading content for accuracy, clarity, and consistency.
  • Collaborating with other team members, such as designers, marketers, and subject matter experts.
  • Optionally, analyze content performance and metrics to inform future content strategies.
  • Work with other skilled volunteers to develop and execute creative marketing campaigns.

This is an excellent opportunity to make a meaningful impact on a project to protect and preserve nature while developing your skills and expanding your network. If you are passionate about sustainability and have the skills and experience we are looking for, we would love to hear from you.

Our ways of working

  • Short, focused weekly coordination meetings: These sessions aim to enhance efficiency and collaboration. The emphasis is on quick, targeted discussions that facilitate seamless task execution. In these meetings, teams come together to discuss:
  • personal progress on assigned tasks
  • what’s needed to finish the task (identify potential obstructions)
  • assigning tasks and setting the sprint for the upcoming week. 
  • Circle governance meetings: These sessions are scheduled when there are enough topics to discuss. In these sessions, we can come up with new suggestions, discuss processes, and vote on certain topics. We can decide on who’s responsible for what and who will be coordinating
  • Tech we use: Google workspace (Drive, Meet, Calendar, Mail, Docs, Sheets) | Slack (chat based communication platform) | ClickUp (task management system) | Canva (graphic design tool) | LinkedIn 
  • We encourage volunteers to take part in activities of other circles to create cross circle engagement and more organizational cohesion.

What we offer

  • Skill building: We offer digital office tools but also various development opportunities, including taking on more responsible roles and training/knowledge sessions such as the recent feedback training, to support ongoing professional but also your personal development. We encourage people to exchange knowledge and skills
  • Engaging meetings and off-site activities like beach picnics, park meetups, upcoming African cooking and dancing workshop, and online after work drinks and games
  • A collaborative and supportive environment: We prioritize creating a work culture where every team member has the opportunity to thrive, contributing effectively to our shared goals.
  • Professional digital tools/workspace: Slack, Google Drive, Canva, Figma, ClickUp, etc
  • Networking 
  • Community Building with likeminded people
  • Being part of a nature focused organization from the beginning

Content creator reinforcement possibilities: 

  • Experienced account managers for our envisioned accounts on different platforms: meta, reddit, medium, github, slack, telegram, Youtube, Rumble, Discord, TikTok, substack, patreon,, farcaster, Vimeo, Twitch, Prospera. 
  • Social Media Managers: developing and executing social media strategies, managing content, and engaging with the audience.
  • Content Creators: writers, graphic designers, and multimedia creators who can generate engaging content tailored to each platform. Also able to review each other's posts and actually post them on the platforms (LinkedIn and Twitter for now).
  • Community Managers: experts responding to comments and managing interactions on social media.
  • Analytics Specialists: who can analyze social media metrics to measure performance and help adjust strategies accordingly.
  • Advertising specialists: who can optimize Google ad performance.

Time Commitment

  • 4 hours a week but ideally more 
  • Flexibility to complete tasks when you are available


  • Remote role that can be based anywhere
  • Requires a computer and a good internet connection

Training Provided

  • General onboarding, induction training
  • Online Tools: Google Workspace, Slack, Canva Pro and ClickUp

To apply, please complete our Volunteer Application Form and we’ll contact you.

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About Viable Community

Nature protection and (re) generation
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